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Take your business further with text messaging using Bandwidth’s easy SMS messaging API and unparalleled support.

SMS messaging that delivers

When you’re ready to scale, turn to Bandwidth for high-throughput messaging that gives you the control, flexibility, and insight that you crave.

Put Bandwidth’s position as both a CPaaS leader and network operator to work for your business and get deeper insights into deliverability and ROI.

The best support in the biz

Get real support from real people. We’re ready to answer every question you have and help you every step of the way, from Day 1 to Day 36,500.

Unlimited flexibility

Group messaging? More than 160 characters? Need to interact with bots or pin codes? If you can dream it, you can build it thanks to our endlessly flexible SMS API.

Capacity that won’t run out on you

We’re built for companies who’ve outgrown beginner tools. When you have a large base of opted-in users who want your messages, we’ll help you reach all of them.

Industry-leading message delivery insights

Did you know that you pay for every message you send, even the ones that aren’t delivered? Our insights help you ensure your end users receive your messages at the highest possible rate.

“No other provider offered the same level of hands-on support or cost savings that Bandwidth has been able to deliver. Their flexible APIs made it simple for us to get up and running without missing a beat.”
Phillip Kimmy , Co-founder & Director of Software Dev

Powerful SMS features get you going fast

Bring your communications into the future with our full-featured tier 1 network and cutting edge APIs,

  • High throughput capacity for 10DLC, toll-free, and short code numbers
  • Bring your own number capabilities
  • Reliable delivery with insights to help you maximize your ROI
  • Bi-directional unicode and emojis
  • Redundant network for better reliability
  • Real-time delivery receipts
  • 100+ MPS capabilities

Spend more, save more

As your throughput grows, you’ll benefit from Bandwidth’s value-focused SMS pricing structure.

Bandwidth*Typical CompetitorSavings
Inbound Messaging
(per message)
Outbound Messaging
(per message)
Phone Number
(per line per month)
*Based on average competitor prices as of July 2021.

More value as you scale

Use our estimator to understand what your costs could be, including carrier fees and monthly number costs.

Messaging cost prediction

Misc Values

Disclaimer: This is only an estimate of what you could expect to pay and does not represent actual pricing. This does not include a monthly $20 fee per 10DLC campaign. Carrier fees are representative and are subject to change based on the carriers. Speak with a Bandwidth representative to get a more detailed look at what 10DLC or toll-free pricing for your specific needs could be.

For latest Bandwidth Carrier Surcharges – see here
require ‘bandwidth’

include Bandwidth
include Bandwidth::Messaging

bandwidth_client =
messaging_basic_auth_user_name: ‘username’,
messaging_basic_auth_password: ‘password’

messaging_client = bandwidth_client.messaging_client.client

account_id = ‘1’
body =
body.application_id = ‘1-2-3’ = [‘+17777777777’]
body.from = ‘+18888888888’
body.text = ‘Hello from Bandwidth’

messaging_client.create_message(account_id, :body => body)

Messaging APIs built for developers

We give you carrier-grade features like delivery receipts and error codes that help you increase deliverability, reduce costs, and build a better product.

The API for every messaging use case you can dream up.

One SMS service, limitless ways to create better customer experiences

There are limitless possibilities for using SMS in service, support, operations, and marketing. Here are just a few of the most common customer use cases.

Text Alerts & Notifications

Send appointment reminders, account notifications, and time-sensitive alerts directly to your customers’ text inbox.
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Two-Factor Authentication

Quickly add 2FA to your application with one simple API that utilizes carrier-grade voice and messaging to deliver peace of mind to your customers.
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SMS Marketing

Get the right message to the right customers at the right time, with promotions and ads delivered instantly to your customers’ mobile phone.
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SMS Surveys

Find out how your team did, what you can do better, and follow-up on any outstanding problems with surveys delivered directly to your users over SMS.
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