Hospitality communication solutions

Engage with guests wherever, whenever

Keep your customer communications up and running, even when storms ground all the flights and a stomach bug sweeps through your staff.

The simple way to CX success

When your contact center feels like Grand Central Station, you need solutions that give you peace of mind. Our enterprise-grade APIs and redundant toll-free network with coverage in 65+ countries give you the tools you need to run things smoothly.

  • Maestro™

    Modernize your contact center with CCaaS integrations, connections to voice AI, caller authentication, and more.
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  • Call Verification

    Personalize and streamline your contact center call flows with real-time spoof and fraud risk scores. 
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  • 911 Location Routing

    Solve 911 compliance with precise location information management and reliable 911 calling.
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  • Messaging API

    Text users about important account information, activity, and changes in real-time with APIs for finance SMS.
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  • Voice API

    Easily add voice calling into your browsers and applications with easy-to-use APIs and a redundant tier-1 network.
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Turn travelers into loyal, lifelong fans

Keep guests safe during emergencies

Give emergency responders precise location information during 911 calls and notify required personnel to help maintain full compliance.

Meet customers where they are

Change of plans? No problem. With global voice and omnichannel communications tools, your guests can adapt and update their schedules without a sweat.

Make your contact center suck less

Goodbye, contact center purgatory. Global toll-free voice, connections to voice bots, caller authentication, and fraud detection let you build a global, seamless CX.

Engage loyal customers with real-time communications

Drive up- and cross-selling opportunities with personalized texting for your most loyal customers.

“It’s a comfort knowing that we have that extra network resilience, and we’re no longer tied to specific locations. We’ve also seen financial gains while moving our traffic to Bandwidth, just from dismantling our old infrastructure.”
James Broadstone, Senior Telecom Project Engineer

The features that keep travelers on-time and happy

  • Booking confirmations
  • Account changes and reminders
  • Travel notifications
  • Transfer confirmations
  • In-App Calling
  • Texting via toll-free

Two Bandmates with a big call icon

The tools that keep guests and employees safe and satisfied

  • Global toll-free with 5x redundancy
  • Call verification
  • Voice authentications
  • Conversational AI integrations
  • Advanced call routing
  • UCaaS and CCaaS integrations