ccaas integration

Genesys Cloud CX

Deliver global, resilient customer experiences with Bandwidth’s BYOC solution for Genesys.
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Get the direct effect with Bandwidth

When to bring Bandwidth as your carrier

You’re moving from on-prem to Genesys Cloud CX

Clear the path for your enterprise contact center migration with built-in porting and toll-free expertise.

You’re using another CCaaS, but looking at Genesys

Take control of your numbers & spend by consolidating with the cloud-native carrier that powers Genesys.

You want better cost savings & support

Centralize your SIP services, save, and get direct-to-carrier flexibility & support to BYOC with other platforms.

You need AI/ML in your call flows

Add conversational AI and voice authentication to call flows with carrier-level advanced routing.

Win with CX around the world.

Migrate without skipping a beat

Take control of your enterprise migration and avoid costly mistakes and migration migraines. Our proven migration playbook lets you:

  1. Connect parallel SIP trunks to your existing contact center infrastructure
  2. Port your numbers without changing your platform
  3. Migrate your enterprise contact center to Genesys Cloud CX

Porting with Bandwidth?

Your customers will never notice a thing with software-driven number management.

  • Get dedicated toll-free porting specialists
  • Schedule porting down to the minute
  • Trigger ports on-demand
  • Manage numbers in real-time
  • Control 100% of your numbers

How it works

1. Connect to Bandwidth

Our global cloud-native network bridges your existing infrastructure and Genesys Cloud CX.

2. Choose Genesys Cloud CX

Connect with Genesys and configure your CCaaS deployment with their all-in-one cloud contact center solution.

3. Plan your migration

Orchestrate your migration around your needs, with the ease of software-powered porting & tools.

4. Integrate your comm stack

Leverage software agility and platform openness to integrate critical CPaaS capabilities at the carrier level.

5. Convert your Contact Center

Separate the porting process from your actual migration for a seamless and successful move to the cloud.

Simplify your CX stack with Maestro™

Call Verification

Spot fraudsters and prevent loss with caller spoof scores and risk analysis.


Lighten your agents’ load with connections to leading conversational AI tools.


Add Pindrop’s platform to Genesys Cloud CX via inbound voice.

2x white-glove support. 5x redundancy.

You can’t fail with the power of Bandwidth and Genesys by your side. We’re here to help you succeed‚ no matter what you need.