Messaging API

Inject the power of messaging in your apps with one API

Send and recieve texts with Bandwidth’s trusted, global messaging APIs.

Your users are asking you to text them, so do it the smart way

Get seen

Text messages have a 98% open rate.

Make more money

Get shoppers’ attention and earn more sales from opted-in users with SMS and MMS messaging.

Provide better CX

Communicate with users on their terms, so you can retain more happy customers.

Inspire action

When you have time sensitive alerts, texting is the fastest way to get the word out.

People like texting

41% of patients will leave their doctors if they don’t use texting.

The best messaging API support in the biz

When businesses outgrow out-of-the-box vendors, they turn to Bandwidth. With Tier-1 Network connections, carrier relationships, regulatory experience, and renowned customer support, we’re the easy choice when you need messaging reliability at scale.

Got messages? We’ve got the right API platform to send them.

Toll-free10DLCShort CodesAlphanumericGlobal 2-Way
Toll-free verification API

Power texting use cases with the right messages

Send API messages the right way…

Because we’re a carrier ourselves, our seat at the industry table allows us to help our customers navigate evolving regulations and best practices before they impact their business. Our expertise in registration and verification can give you more confidence in your messaging program.

know when they’re delivered…

Get real-time receipts and error codes, so you know which of your messages were delivered, and why the ones that weren’t didn’t make it. Clear insights help you improve deliverability and save money.

…and scale your business

Whether you’re sending 1,000 messages a day or one million, our APIs are scalable to support your opted-in, wanted messages. Our top 10 A2P customers combined send over a billion messages a month. Rest assured that you can’t outgrow Bandwidth.

Reach your audience, anywhere.

Bandwidth’s Alphanumeric Messaging and Global 2-Way Messaging products help you send updates and start conversations with opted-in users around the world.

Explore our Messaging services

  • Short Codes

    Send high-throughput messages with powerful, easy-to-use short codes.
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  • 10DLC

    Reach millions of customers with one local number using 10DLC.
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    Message showing local area code 919
  • Toll-Free SMS

    Deliver better digital experiences with the largest provider of toll-free SMS texting across the industry.
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    message with 800
  • Authentication API

    Quickly and easily add two-factor authentication to your software, website, or application.
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    icon of message with stars as if an authenticatin code
  • Phone Number Lookup

    Increase your odds of making customer connections with automated customer number intelligence.
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  • Global Messaging

    Harness the power of the Bandwidth dashboard to send Alphanumeric and Global 2-Way messages to new destinations globally.
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“Bandwidth is an expert in this field, offering guidance and collaboration to ensure that we’re ready when there are changes impacting our space.”
Omer Bar-Joseph, SVP, GM Usage Business

Customers are switching to Bandwidth’s APIs for global growth

“The thing that we enjoy most is being able to collaborate with Bandwidth and scale our operations to meet the fast-growing needs of our customers.”
Hari Prasad, CEO and Founder