“Bandwidth has been a key factor in us being able to deliver messages timely to the patients. We continue to deliver high SLAs to our customers because of the deliverability that we receive. It is a key part of our growth plans.”
Hari Prasad
CEO and Founder, Yosi Health
Customer Story

Yosi Health fast-tracks patients to care

Yosi Health’s patient engagement and workflow automation solutions dramatically reduce patient admin tasks and help humanize clinic visits for patients when it matters most. The result? More humanized patient interactions and face time with their physicians.

Text messaging is one of Yosi’s most powerful tools in delivering to patients’ growing demand for consumer-like convenience while reducing staff burden and transforming patient care simultaneously.

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Yosi’s mission

  • To increase providers’ front-office productivity.
  • To improve patient experience via hyper-personalized patient-provider interaction.

Yosi uses Bandwidth’s APIs for:

  • Toll-free SMS
  • Toll-free numbers
  • MMS

Finding the messaging sherpa

As Yosi focuses on growing their platform to give back time and savings to their customers, they are obsessive about quality, message delivery, and ability to rapidly scale. “We take service quality very seriously because Yosi plays a vital role in making sure that we’re sending the right messages to the patients at the right time,” explains Hari Prasad, Founder and CEO, Yosi Health.

Today, patients trust texting increasingly as a channel for healthcare communications. In fact, 41% are ready to switch providers if they don’t offer text messaging as a channel.[1] Yosi needs to be able to innovate and deliver quickly in this space to serve this evolving demand.

Yosi’s key asks were:

High-volume message delivery

Easy integration with their other channels

Ability to innovate and go to market quickly

Scalability to fit in their fast growth

A scale accelerator for critical messaging

Yosi trusted Bandwidth to help them scale without trading off service quality. And for 4+ years, they’ve continued to rely on Bandwidth for this and to translate their savings to their customers’ savings. Their partnership story with Bandwidth is not just one of finding a trusted ally but of supporting Yosi’s and their customers’ fierce growth with this reliable messaging.

Backed by Bandwidth’s healthcare text messaging, Yosi has confidently delivered:

With an increasing and much-justified need for retail-like convenience in digital healthcare interactions, Yosi is pioneering to deliver that kind of visibility and ease of use to the patients.

The thing that we enjoy most is being able to collaborate with Bandwidth and scale our operations to meet the fast-growing needs of our customers.

– Hari Prasad, CEO and Founder, Yosi Health

Yosi Health was born from the conviction that there must be a better way to serve patients while reducing staff burnout and improving the bottom line. Over 20 million patients across 29 specialties and all 50 U.S. states have now reaped the benefits of hyper-personalized interactions with their healthcare providers via Yosi Health’s platform.

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