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E911 Dynamic Location Routing

Keep employees safe during workplace emergencies with exact location information at the time of an E911 call.
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E911 location management for modern enterprises

The challenge of mobility

Traditional 911 solutions rely on pre-provisioned addresses, but what about nomadic or non-fixed endpoints? Bandwidth’s E911 Dynamic Location Routing (DLR) lets you route a user’s location at the time of the call, no matter where they are.

Solve E911 with location provisioning

When an employee dials E911, DLR pairs the caller’s information with their provisioned location via defined network elements like subnets, WiFi access points, and Ethernet switches/ports. Then, DLR routes calls and the location information available to the right public safety answering point (PSAP).

Put safety first, before it’s too late

Get nationwide coverage

Reach 100% of PSAPs with Bandwidth’s network, anywhere in the U.S. and Canada.

Simplify location management

Add and update address information for employees through our portal, APIs, or bulk upload.

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No-risk testing

933 testing lets you confirm accurate dispatchable locations, without using live 911 lines and PSAP agents.

Solve compliance

Meet evolving 911 requirements with dedicated compliance and 911 support, here to ensure your success.

Trusted by leaders

We helped build Dynamic 911 for Microsoft Teams, and we’re one of three certified Teams 911 providers.

Custom solutions

Create bespoke compliance plans with our partners like 911 Inform, 911 Secure, and 9Line.

Every second counts in a workplace emergency

Improve emergency outcomes at your organization by giving first responders granular employee location information across your enterprise or campus.

What’s a dispatchable location?

911 calls from multi-line telephone systems (MLTS) must include a “dispatchable location.” The FCC defines this as “a location delivered to the Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) with a 911 call that consists of the validated street address of the calling party, plus additional information such as suite, apartment, or similar information necessary to adequately identify the location of the calling party.”

Why does RAY BAUM’s Act matter?

Think of trying to get directions. If you’ve ever circled a complex looking for your actual destination, you’ve experienced the difference between an address and a dispatchable location. You got close, but specificity makes all the difference. This is just like an emergency responder trying to find employees in an office with multiple floors, suites, and rooms. 

Where DLR comes in

Provisioning dispatchable locations for fixed VoIP phones is straightforward. And with Bandwidth’s E911 Dynamic Location Routing, you can meet the requirements of RAY BAUM’s Act for nomadic VoIP and users with softphones. 

Prioritize your employee safety

Higher Ed

E911 location routing provides critical details to help first responders navigate your campuses and buildings.


Help public safety reach emergency callers quickly across your healthcare facilities.

Telematics & IoT

Convert device-based latitude/longitude (X,Y) to a civic address for an optimal public safety response.

Microsoft Teams

Move all your users to Microsoft Teams with fully supported, certified Dynamic E911 that’s powered by Bandwidth DLR.

Your regulatory right-hand

Supporting nomadic users requires a deep understanding of technology and regulations. The biggest brands rely on Bandwidth to support their emergency services thanks to our:

  • Proactive insights directly from regulatory bodies, like the FCC
  • Custom capabilities to fit your tech stack
  • Global users emergency calling from one service provider
  • 24/7/365 Emergency Call Center support in the U.S. and Canada
  • Dedicated 911 team to help with address issues, migrations, PSAP requests, and more

Make your life easier with the right PSAP dream team on your side

Worry-free endpoint connections

  • We ensure endpoints are properly geocoded to route to the right PSAP
  • We troubleshoot ALI discrepancies received to ensure accurate call data (including making test calls to PSAPs )

Trust the customer support with a 100% ticket CSAT

  • Average ticket resolution under 30 minutes
  • We’re here to assist customers in during migrations or day-to-day updates
  • Get practical education on processes and requirements

Make your job easier

  • We locate and assign MSAG addresses for any that are not found 
  • We work with PSAPs to correct address format and routing per the local emergency services authority
  • We manage local and state PSAP migrations to next gen systems

Keep your users protected with Bandwidth’s DLR

Contact us to find out if E911 Dynamic Location Routing is right for you.