Call Verification

Automated caller authentication with real-time spoof and fraud detection for your contact center—straight from your network partner.
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Save your ‘hello’s for real customers

Find out who’s who before they reach you. Get actionable insights to step up or step down caller authentication processes for 90% of your contact center calls with rapid trust assessment.

Score calls in milliseconds

Have your spoof and fraud scores delivered at warp speed—before the call reaches the agent.

Reduce customer and agent friction

Verify real customers faster, flag suspicious calls, and route them to IVR saving your agents and customers time.

Cut down operating costs

Lower your Average Handle Time (AHT) and costs per call. Improve your agents’ productivity while fending off the cost of fraud.

Pick Bandwidth’s Call Verification for:

  • Faster trust assessment through lightweight API
  • Real-time customer verification using Machine Learning
  • Fraud scoring technology that has prevented >3M fraud attempts
  • 5x carrier-redundant toll-free from the same relationship

Call Verification ROI Predictor

Disclaimer: This is only an estimate of ROI and does not represent guaranteed cost savings or actual pricing.

Disclaimer: This is only an estimate of ROI and does not represent guaranteed cost savings or actual pricing.

Reclaim the ROI lost to spoof and fraud

Call Verification helps you serve real customers sooner and better while protecting your contact center, customers, and agents from the costs of fraud. Hit 'calculate' to see how much you could potentially save.

Add Call Verification to your toll-free services

Bring this enhanced layer of security along with Bandwidth’s Toll-Free Services straight to your enterprise contact center customers.

Secure your contact center AND delight your customers

Put spoof in its place

Verify nearly instantly if a call has originated from the device that owns it with ANI validation. Within milliseconds of a call:
• Supply your agents with crucial caller information
• Enable routing to IVR for suspicious calls

Outsmart evolving fraud

Protect your contact center from known fraudsters with Call Verification’s fraud score. It dips into intelligence including an up-to-date fraud database to identify bad actors with a history of reported fraud, so you can send them to self-service.

Fast-track real customers

Stop giving your customers the 20 questions. Greenlight nearly 73% of callers and start solving their problems:
• With no security questions or OTPs
• For higher customer satisfaction

Empower your agents

Hand back control to your contact center agents with Call Verification’s spoof and fraud scores, helping them:
• Save ~30 seconds per genuine caller
• Focus on solving more complex customer problems