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Bandwidth Insights

Bandwidth Insights

Win at crafting customers’ comms experiences with voice & messaging analytics and real-time alerts for monitoring fraud.

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Real-time voice & messaging insights

Don’t be gut-led, be insights-driven. With Bandwidth Insights, make smarter CX decisions at every step using detailed voice and messaging performance insights on the fly.

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Voice Insights

Isolate and troubleshoot potential quality, capacity, and billing issues at each stage of the call journey before they arise.

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Don’t give poor CX a chance

Create seamless calling experiences by identifying call quality issues before your customers or end users do. Bring your comms out of the black box with real-time call quality metrics, including mean opinion scores, round trip time, packet loss, and jitter.

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Get actionable alerts

Voice Insights helps you track your calls’ performance as they traverse the network. Get alerted on call spend and volume usage. Set custom alerts with the thresholds and frequency you define. Monitor billing and call concurrency.

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Make those call minutes count

Leapfrog blocked calls and make the best use of your channels with capacity usage monitoring. Track your capacity utilization and billing by zone or capacity group in real time. Cut out unnecessary spend and make billing reconciliation a breeze.

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Get in touch with our team of experts to learn more about Bandwidth’s Voice Insights*. See how getting instant, in-depth access to voice metrics can change the way transform how you and your customers experience voice calling.

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*Voice Insights is currently available outside of the U.S. and Canada. Talk to us to learn more about availability.

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Messaging Insights

Realize better ROI and CX with improved message delivery. Get real-time insights into deliverability issues and proactively take steps to remove barriers to messages being delivered.

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Actionable delivery insights

Explore error and delivery rates across carriers and products. Identify trends and take the steps necessary to improve your message delivery rates.

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Accelerate problem resolution

Get real-time insights to identify issues as they’re happening. Search message status and take proactive steps to prevent blocked messages before they happen.

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Get the data you need to
run your business

Leverage trends in messages to make data-driven decisions about your business. Utilize our dashboard to review historical delivery and usage patterns.

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Chat with telecom experts about real-time messaging insights and how they can drive the returns on your messaging investment. Learn more about Messaging Insights and its possibilities.

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*Messaging Insights is currently available only in the U.S. and Canada. Talk to us to learn more about availability.

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Insights at your fingertips


  • Cost and usage alerts for calls
  • Automated monitoring & alerting
  • Total call counts
  • Inbound/Outbound split
  • Average call completion rates
  • Call quality score
  • Round trip time, packet loss, and jitter


  • Real-time message logs
  • Message delivery rates
  • Historical message data

Ready to get started with Bandwidth Insights?

Look beyond call and messaging data. Empower yourself with insights that allow you to act on crucial decisions and create memorable customer experiences.

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