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Bandwidth Insights

Craft an exceptional customer communications experience with self-service real-time voice & messaging analytics.

Real-time voice & messaging insights

Don’t be gut-led, be insights-driven. With Bandwidth Insights, make smarter CX decisions at every step using detailed voice and messaging performance data on the fly.

Choose your portal below to see what insights are available today.

Insights on the U.S. and Canada Dashboard

Gain a greater understanding of your voice and messaging services in the U.S. and Canada by exploring insights on the Bandwidth Dashboard.

Insights on the Global Portal

Dive into data that’s as well-rounded as your global reach. Check out voice insights on the Bandwidth Global Portal (previously Voxbone).

Data at your fingertips

Take control of your communication with a deeper understanding of call quality and message deliverability. Bandwidth Insights give you a detailed view into your business’ voice and messaging performance to help you make more informed, proactive decisions. Optimize your communication strategy with data insights to stay on top of trends and ahead of the competition.

Problem detection for frictionless resolution

Create seamless customer experiences by identifying message deliverability and call quality issues before your users do. Isolate and troubleshoot disruptions with a comprehensive view of all the communications you support, real-time tracking, and automated monitoring & alerts (dependent on location). Learn from historic performance to set customer expectations and make promises you can keep.

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