6 ways intelligent call routing will elevate your business

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You’ll Learn:
  • How you save time and money with intelligent routing
  • Why you should “dip” before you “do”
  • The future-proofing benefits of cloud technology

Lots of companies are spending more than they should for call routing because they’re routing calls over long distance that could be sent locally. Not the smartest way to get from point A to point B, is it?

Let’s explore how you can lower costs with intelligent call routing.

Call quality and big savings? Yes, please

If you’re looking for ways to save time and money but feel like you’re stuck updating a never-ending spreadsheet of vendor rates, allow us to introduce you to a secret weapon: Intelligent Call Routing.

Some companies are paying more than they should for call routing because they’re paying long distance rates for local calls. Typically, 20-30% of call traffic falls into this category—and should be routed locally instead.

Here are 6 reasons intelligent call routing will ELEVATE your business…

1. Carrier competition is good for your bottom line

A cloud based, intelligent routing solution aggregates information automatically to determine the best possible pathway for a phone call. No more wading through stacks of data and venturing a guess for the best rates.

You can add carriers, manage rate decks, and disable or enable routes for phone calls in real-time. Good news since the more carriers you have competing for your business, the lower your costs will be.

Using intelligent routing, you WILL optimize your budget.

2. “Dip” before you “do” is always the best policy

The practice of intelligent routing determines the proper jurisdiction for each call by “dipping” the call for LRN (Local Routing Number) and then sends the call through the least expensive route in that jurisdiction—all while you sit back and watch your savings skyrocket.

How? It’s a fact that carrier LRN pricing is the most competitive because LRN costs align more closely with the true cost of making an outbound call vs. DNIS (Dialed Number Identification Service) costs, which are directional but not as precise.

Dipping for LRN is the ‘secret sauce’ for savings.

3. Local call routing can save you 50%

An intelligent call routing solution helps you quickly identify (in an automated way) where money is slipping through the cracks.

Did you know that local rates normally cost 50% less than long distance rates? Cost savings are reserved for those in the industry that have the right tools at their disposal. With call routing, as in every other area of your work, it is possible to eliminate inefficient business practices that stand in the way of your future.

You don’t have to figure out if a call is local, long distance, interstate, intrastate or international; an intelligent call routing solution will do that for you.

4. Manual call routing just wastes time

Why get bogged down in call routing minutiae when there’s an easier way? A call routing solution that doesn’t leave you digging in the data is the only kind that’s truly smart.

Find a solution that lets you quickly and easily load rates. One that automatically determines the jurisdiction and lowest cost providers, excluding any routes you’ve disabled, and then routes your calls in the most efficient way. No more playing the local/long distance guessing games while you (or your team members) stare at pivot tables all day.

Intelligent call routing determines the most competitive route based on where the call starts and ends, which intensely simplifies the experience of managing a vendor.

5. The best routes = higher call quality

Being at the controls when a problem surfaces is crucial to reaction time and customer satisfaction. Intelligent call routing allows your NOC to identify and remove problem routes faster than ever before.

This way, you can resolve your customers’ issues in real time (with zero downtime) and handle the back-and-forth with the carriers behind the scenes. All that adds up to fewer crisis moments and greater overall stability. Your customers will notice the difference and you’ll be smooth sailing like never before!

Trace the source of call quality issues with zero downtime.

6. Cloud technology keeps you one step ahead

If you’re a reseller, a VoIP provider, a messaging app or a global tech company, your communications carrier should be a spark that can help make your business zing. It’s not just as simple as using least cost routing or saving a few bucks.

Automation is the name of the game, and the cloud makes it infinitely redundant. Moving your call routing to the cloud, intelligently, is about providing an overall superior service than your competitors by managing your backend more efficiently.

When you put the power of software to work for you, you’ll free yourself from having to maintain, upgrade or expand your solution with business demands. Talk about a weight off your shoulders! It’s a party in the cloud, and you’re invited. Free yourself from manual call routing, and elevate your business.


When you’re ready stop paying for services you don’t need, then start routing calls the smarter way.

Let carriers compete so you can win in time savings, improved resource management and higher quality routing—every time. Intelligent call routing is just good for business, and you hold the key. Choose a partner you can trust and put all the telecom headaches behind you. What could be smarter than that?