Real-time audio for meaningful experiences

Extend your voice application with access to real-time media via WebSocket. With connections to your preferred third-party tools, you can deliver the experiences your customers expect from you.

Stream call audio to other tools

Extend your voice calling application by opening up access to Bandwidth’s universal platform with Media Streaming. Integrate with powerful third-party or proprietary tools to create advanced, intelligent voice experiences in whatever way you dream of.

By forking media to tools equipped with NLP (natural language processing), you will uncover the hidden value of your programmable voice calls. Improve customer support, increase call center productivity, and enhance the overall customer experience.

Build customer experiences worth raving about

Whether you’re simplifying your customer’s calling experience or developing something more advanced, Media Streaming is your key to enabling:

Voice Bots & Conversational AI

Provide flexible alternatives to your consumers with voice-based virtual assistants.

Voice Biometrics

Reduce fraud and give added security with voice authentication technology.

Real-Time Transcription

Transcribe live conversations from speech to text.

Sentiment Analysis

Monitor customer sentiment via natural language processing (NLP) and enable agents to take action.

Voice-Activated IVR

Enable voice commands for navigating and responding to IVR menus.

Your blueprint for CXellence

Use simple API calls to fork media to multiple endpoints

Media Streaming allows Programmable Voice customers to access audio on-demand and in real-time to enrich your voice applications with advanced services that can analyze the conversation using machine learning and artificial intelligence.

With these capabilities services like real-time transcription / captioning, sentiment analysis, authentication via voice biometrics, and topic and action item detection can be enabled to improve your customer experience. Your application can now direct media streams of an active call to a location of your choosing by invoking easy-to-use web service APIs in a programmatic fashion.

Maximize your voice calling capabilities with Media Streaming

Integrate third-party technologies with an open ecosystem

Bandwidth’s universal platform gives you the building blocks to create a memorable customer experience.

Pricing to help you create

Competitive costs allow you to innovate your voice applications at $0.0035/minute.

Create dynamic voice experiences

By supporting up to 4 streams per call; Media Streaming enables you to build meaningful voice experiences for both inbound and outbound calls.

“Bandwidth is truly a partner who we can collaborate with to build great products. We’re always excited to get early access to new features and capabilities to integrate into our applications.”
Ryan O’Donnell, CEO