Fight fraud with Pindrop

Easily add voice bioauthentication to your contact center with Bandwidth’s Pindrop integration.
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The power of Bandwidth + Pindrop

Simplify voice authentication with Bandwidth

Two fraud-fighting solutions. One integration.

Bridge the gap between your contact center and Pindrop’s solution with toll-free media forking—all with Bandwidth Maestro’s carrier-level integration. 

Pindrop Protect

Block fraud and identify at-risk customer accounts.

Pindrop Passport

Authenticate callers and personalize CX with multi-factor authentication.

Build your contact center, your way

Designed for your cloud future

Can’t complete your contact center’s move to the cloud without mission-critical voice authentication and anti-fraud solutions? Our carrier-level integration with Pindrop may be right for you if you’re:

  • Phasing out your on-prem contact center equipment and don’t have a cloud-based voice authentication replacement
  • Moving communications to the cloud, but don’t know what CCaaS platform you need
  • Using Genesys Cloud CX or Five9 to power your contact center
  • Operating a contact center in a highly regulated industry like insurance, personal finance, or healthcare
  • Unbundling your contact center telephony through the BYOC model with Bandwidth

Authentication for all contact centers


Verify if agents are talking to actual customers when a user calls to freeze cards, authorize purchases, or open/close accounts.


Prevent fraudsters from accessing accounts, liquidating or taking over accounts, filing false claims, or completing fraudulent policy surrenders.


Keep patient health records secure while providing sensitive contact center customer service.

Wave goodbye to fraud and on-prem equipment

*Statistic from Pindrop Passport. **Statistic from Pindrop Protect.