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See inspiring stories from companies harnessing Bandwidth for their communications success. From Healthcare to Finance, Bandwidth serves every vertical with VoIP services, UCaaS and CCaaS integrations, and Programmable Messaging.

  • “Bandwidth has given us more flexibility over the future of our telephony with Bring Your Own Carrier (BYOC) via Direct Routing for Microsoft Teams”

  • “AI is transforming the customer service experience, and we’re excited to partner with Bandwidth to bring its customers rich, intuitive customer conversations”

  • “I owe it to my customers to have the very best. And I’m with Bandwidth because I believe they’re the best.”

  • “Our work with Bandwidth expands enterprise access to the latest advances in machine learning”

  • “Without Bandwidth, we wouldn’t have been able to go worldwide so fast. Thanks to their compliant coverage, we have been able to increase the number of countries we can reach by 3-5x.”

  • “In the past, we used nine different carriers to power our contact center operations globally—Bandwidth alone was able to get us direct PSTN replacement for the vast majority of the world.”

  • “Partnering with Bandwidth means that setting up and delivering voice services is a fast, easy and reliable process. We don’t need to worry about the high costs or complications of traditional telephony with Bandwidth in our corner.”

  • “Our partnership is frictionless. We hang up the phone, and I’m thinking we just saved ourselves two weeks of research that we might not even know if we got to the right spot.”

  • “No other provider offered the same level of hands-on support or cost savings that Bandwidth has been able to deliver.”

  • “Bandwidth Maestro is truly an innovative enterprise-class voice platform that, when paired with Cognigy.AI, will make conversational and generative AI more accessible and manageable enabling accelerated customer service transformation.”

  • “A close relationship with our Tier 1 carriers in North America is essential…Bandwidth provides a more personal touch with support matters by responding quickly to any query and always providing guidance when needed.”

See what our customers have built with Bandwidth

Find out how VOIPo used Bandwidth’s phone number APIs to make ordering and managing phone numbers easy for them and their customers.

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Learn how Jars Capital, a venture capital investment firm and incubator specializing in tech companies that support the multi-family housing industry, uses 10DLC and Toll-free text messaging.

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Jars Capital

Wonder Cave uses Bandwdith’s Messaging API to power nonprofits’ fundraising campaigns.

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Wonder Cave

Bandwidth’s phone numbers and E911 DLR help Netrio serve customers and save time: “The time savings and ease of use have changed how we’re able to serve our customers.”

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Clerk Chat uses Operator Connect and messaging powered by Bandwidth to enhance customer engagement and operational efficiency.

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Clerk Chat

Five9 is a cloud-based contact center platform that lets companies exceed customer expectations and create loyalty-building experiences.

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MetTel is a communications software provider that offers a wide range of products and services to meet the communication needs of other enterprises and government agencies.

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MEA Financial needed a partner that would provide excellence in both voice and messaging. After exploring the market they consolidated both services with Bandwidth.

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MEA Financial

ProviderTech allows healthcare providers to automate personalized SMS messages to their customers, with help from Bandwidth’s communications APIs.

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Purple trusts Bandwidth’s 911 Access to enable emergency services for people who are deaf or hard of hearing.

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With Bandwidth’s Messaging APIs, Red Oxygen helps businesses grow by making text messaging as easy as email.

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Red Oxygen

Pinger uses Bandwidth Voice and Phone Numbers to help their users start, grow, and pursue their passions.

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GigSalad uses Bandwidth’s messaging APIs to connect event hosts with top talent via SMS texting.

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Hiplink drove consumer usage by 172% with Bandwidth’s Toll-Free SMS and MMS, Local Numbers, and Toll-Free Voice.

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In a world where customer acquisition is no longer scalable, Yotpo helps brands grow another way: customer retention.

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Yosi believes “there has to be a better way” to access healthcare. See how they simplify patient-admin-physician engagement with rock-solid communications.

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Yosi Health

As an organization dedicated to risk mitigation and compliance, they turned to a communications provider with the same priorities.

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Aircall takes the shortest path to worldwide scale, increasing their global reach by 3-5x.

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SharpenCX champions contact center agents, supported by radically reliable, growth-ready communications from Bandwidth. See how.

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Doosan turns to award-winning Direct Routing and Dynamic E911 for a hiccup-free migration and compliant emergency calling in Microsoft Teams.

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Weave uses Bandwidth to connect their customers by unifying their communications. Learn about how Bandwidth helps the healthcare industry with API.

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Learn how Wikipro uses Bandwidth Messaging to power communications between users and their customers for a variety of use cases.

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See how WhatConverts was able to use Bandwidth’s APIs and phone number management to better serve their customers.

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See how Truly was able to cut costs and improve voice quality and reliability with Bandwidth’s combination of APIs and network.

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SpectrumVoIP trusts Bandwidth to power their customized, high‑touch experience with industry-leading automation that helps SpectrumVoIP customers set up quickly.

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Solutionreach partners with Bandwidth to bring secure messaging in healthcare. Office managers can send appointment reminders & more with these services.

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When Inclusa needed a partner to power Microsoft Teams PSTN connectivity, they picked Bandwidth’s Direct Routing and Dynamic E911 solution.

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When rumbleup’s CPaaS provider experienced a significant service outage right before election day, they turned to Bandwidth to save the day. See why!

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Clever is a clever real estate start-up connecting sellers (and buyers) with experienced, highly-rated agents—at a serious discount.

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Find out how ULIMI integrates Bandwidth SMS with chatbots to help HR departments recruit, hire, and check in with how employees are doing.

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Evolve IP trusts Bandwidth Toll-Free Voice and E911 to make employees more productive, mobile, and secure—on any device.

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Evolve IP

Rently uses Bandwidth’s Messaging APIs and phone numbers to help connect renters and property managers.

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Noonlight added emergency services connectivity to their innovative software with Bandwidth’s Emergency Calling API.

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Noonlight makes phone systems for businesses easy thanks to voice, messaging, and phone numbers—all with Bandwidth.

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Parking your car can be a hassle. That’s why Honk trusts Bandwidth’s Messaging APIs to make finding and paying for parking easy.

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PunchAlert uses Bandwidth to blend real-time communications and emergency calling for schools, healthcare organizations, and more.

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McLeod Software uses Bandwidth’s Messaging APIs to let users send and receive text messages, right from their phones.

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