"Bandwidth and its team are true partners. We love the Bandwidth team and couldn’t have done it without them!”
Greg Woock
CEO, Pinger
Customer Story

Pinger gives users a phone number with every app download

In early 2010, Pinger had a novel idea—they wanted to add voice services to their market-leading TextFree SMS application. Even better, they wanted to offer each of their users their own phone number.

In search of a network partner

Being more of a software company than a traditional telecom player, Pinger needed a network partner that was flexible, agile, experienced, and creative enough to help them bring voice to life in their TextFree app.

But finding a partner turned out to be no simple task. Pinger was new to VoIP and was faced with the challenge of not having existing voice minute volumes, making discussions with the traditional larger incumbents difficult. They needed a partner willing to work with them so they could launch and scale their innovative app.

Pinger and Bandwidth partner to launch a new app

The Pinger and Bandwidth teams worked closely together to build the first version of TextFree with voice calling enabled and individual phone numbers provided to users. Timelines were tight and the platform was the first of its kind, but through rapid development and tight collaboration with Bandwidth, Pinger launched TextFree with voice before the critical holiday season.

“Bandwidth and its team are true partners. They began with us at the concept stage of our product and delivered for us all the way through launch and beyond. These are innovative guys who are more flexible, transparent, and more agile than any network provider I’ve ever worked with. We love the Bandwidth team and couldn’t have done it without them!”

Greg Woock CEO, Pinger

Pinger’s TextFree app sees success & scales quickly

TextFree with voice service went live on December 21. Between December 21 and December 30, users made 2.5 million voice calls.

That’s a lot of talking. In the days leading up to Christmas, the TextFree app peaked at #2 in Apple’s App Store and Pinger used every one of the phone numbers Bandwidth delivered. Pinger’s TextFree application for Apple and Android devices surpassed Weather.com and Pandora in downloads in January 2011.

Since then, it has continued to scale, with Pinger projecting $200M in revenues in 2012.

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Pinger has been building apps that help people communicate in new and surprisingly simple ways since 2005. Their two flagship services, Sideline and Textfree, have been used by over 100 million people around the world.

Industry: Communications Apps
Company size: 200+