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Enterprise Communications Landscape 2024

The 78% of IT leaders struggling to manage their enterprise telephony are in search of smarter solutions. Explore the trends pushing enterprises like yours toward integrated stacks, and how to get there.
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You’ll learn:
  • What 1,000 enterprises said in this global survey
  • 2024’s biggest concerns and priorities for CIOs
  • The state of cloud adoption across UCaaS, CCaaS, and SBCs
  • How AI/ML, authentication, and other third-party tools are getting used
  • Ways to improve employee and consumer experiences in 2024

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Committed to change in 2024

IT leaders have spoken, and their commitment is clear:
this year’s all about quality, the cloud, and improving user experiences.

Quality you can count on

Quality and reliability are the top challenges of IT leaders in 2024. Whether for internal or external communications, your peers want tools that won’t keep them up at night.

Cloud-first innovation

Most respondents have some cloud-based communications in their stack. Carrier integrations are more critical than ever to close cloud integration gaps for much-needed functionality.

AI-backed user experience

CX leaders are finally implementing generative AI solutions like virtual agents to improve customer conversations. Meanwhile, UCaaS platforms using AI/ML to differentiate themselves face an uphill battle.

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