Steering your contact center cloud migration to success

You’ll Learn:
  • Key steps to take to prepare for a cloud migration
  • How to harness Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning (AI/ML) in your contact center call flows
  • Ways to fight against fraud and improve security without sacrificing CX

Contact center migrations can feel like a never ending journey filled with U-turns and dead ends. But your enterprise is depending on you to figure it out, and keep calls flowing without downtime.

Whether you’re just cloud curious, or already in the midst of a migration, Bandwidth is here to help you navigate around potential pitfalls and successfully reach your destination.


Lauren Brockman

Sr. Director, Product Management, Bandwidth

Lauren leads Commercial Product Lead for Enterprise Services at Bandwidth. She focuses on bringing new, software driven IP communications solutions that transform the customer experience and challenge the way we think about communications today. Lauren is a 25-year veteran of the telecom industry and has worked in new product development, product management, finance, corporate restructuring and M&A for a variety of communications companies before joining Bandwidth in 2017.

Pritom Roy's headshot

Pritom Roy

Director, Product Strategy – Enterprise Solutions, Bandwidth

Pritom is an experienced leader who currently leads the product strategy for the enterprise offer within the Bandwidth product team. He focuses on delivering new, innovative, solutions such as Conversational AI to transform global customer experiences. Pritom has previously built Compliance/Emergency Calling APIs, an Insights product at Voxbone and has led Bandwidth’s Voice API & WebRTC products. He has also held various product management positions at start-ups in London, helping to grow and scale these businesses globally.