Protecting your toll-free voice: Risks, best practices, and solutions

Toll-free outages aren’t inevitable. Learn about disaster recovery and how to be prepared for whatever tomorrow may bring. 
You’ll Learn:
  • Real world examples of the impact extraordinary disruptions can take on toll-free calls
  • Key implications these disruptions may have for your business
  • How proper disaster recovery can mitigate your risk during extraordinary disruptions, without adding to your telecomplexity

Your customer conversations are one of the most critical components of your business.

So we aren’t here to talk to you about how important toll-free voice is. We want to discuss and address your challenges in ensuring your toll-free traffic doesn’t go down and negatively impact your revenue and the customer experience.

Watch now to hear Bandwidth’s experts David Simmons, our Voice Solutions Engineer, and Jason Bogart, Director of Voice Product Management, to talk about the next big innovation in toll-free voice resiliency.

You can’t predict the worst case scenario, but you can prepare for it and protect your toll-free.


David Simmons

David Simmons

Voice Solutions Engineer, Bandwidth

During his tenure at Bandwidth, David has been the sales team’s go-to resource for voice networking and product support. While a sales person by trade, David’s true passion is technology and how it can be used to enhance the customer experience. He’s been around the telecom block, starting his career with Intermedia/WorldCom in 2000, then AT&T, Level 3, and now Bandwidth.

Jason Bogart

Jason Bogart

Product Management–Global Communication Plans, Bandwidth

Jason is a product leader for the Global Communication Plan Offers within the Bandwidth product team. He focuses on partnering with customers and prospects to implement technical solutions and positive business outcomes. Jason has 30 years of experience in Telecom and has worked in operations, program management, and product management.  He recently rejoined Bandwidth but his previous tenure dates back to 2018.