AI in Action: How AI is revolutionizing contact center CX

You’ll Learn:
  • The current AI/ML contact center marketscape
  • Real-life applications of how contact centers can use AI/ML
  • AI’s impact on CX and scale
  • Best practices for implementing contact center AI
  • How to add AI into your own contact center

There’s no doubt that Artificial Intelligence will transform the contact center landscape—the question is how. Nearly half of enterprises have begun their contact center cloud migration, but adding in AI poses its own set of integration hurdles.

IT leaders like you are anticipating how to harness this emerging technology to improve customer experiences, streamline operations, and lower costs. Join our webinar to hear Bandwidth’s Lauren Brockman and Metrigy’s Irwin Lazar explore ways you can use best-in-class AI/ML solutions to hit your contact center KPIs.


Lauren Brockman

Sr. Director, Product Management, Bandwidth

Lauren leads Commercial Product Lead for Enterprise Services at Bandwidth. She focuses on bringing new, software driven IP communications solutions that transform the customer experience and challenge the way we think about communications today. Lauren is a 25-year veteran of the telecom industry and has worked in new product development, product management, finance, corporate restructuring and M&A for a variety of communications companies before joining Bandwidth in 2017.

Irwin Lazar

President and Principal Analyst, Metrigy

Irwin Lazar develops and manages research projects, conducts and analyzes primary research, and advises enterprise and vendor clients on technology strategy, adoption and business metrics, Irwin is responsible for benchmarking the adoption and use of emerging technologies in the digital workplace, covering enterprise communications and collaboration as an industry analyst for over 20 years.