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Yotpo aces SMS Marketing with the texting trifecta

eCommerce marketing
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A2P Toll-Free SMS and MMS, Toll-Free
New York, London, Tel Aviv, Austin, Sydney, Sofia
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Programmable Messaging
The problems

The need

High-caliber SMS and accessible support

The solution

The solution

Toll-Free texting APIs and expert guidance

About Yotpo

In a world where customer acquisition is no longer scalable, Yotpo helps brands grow another way: customer retention.

Yotpo’s eCommerce marketing platform helps some of the world’s biggest B2C organizations convert shoppers into loyal customers. And with open rates of over 98%, a key piece of their platform is text marketing.

In 2022 alone, they helped global ecommerce brands send over one billion desired SMS and MMS messages. In fact, you’ve probably received texts, emails, and more from your favorite brands using Yotpo’s platform.

“Our platform worked flawlessly during peak holidays, like Black Friday, with record-breaking levels of traffic,” said Omer Bar-Joseph, SVP, GM Usage Business at Yotpo.

The texting trifecta: Quality, service, and expertise

Text marketing is a complex, crowded space–and often, a zero-sum game. If a brand’s texts are undelivered, they might not hit revenue targets, resources are wasted, and customers churn.

To make sure that doesn’t happen, Yotpo has a careful vetting process for their SMS providers. Their partners need to do more than just handle capacity–which is why they picked Bandwidth. “Bandwidth gives us the best possible deliverability rates, support, and product,” described Iftach Sofer, Yotpo’s SMS Strategic Initiatives Manager.

“With Bandwidth, our deliverability rates are higher than the industry standard and we had 100% uptime” said Omer. “When our customers rely on us to show up, we know Bandwidth is going to show up for us.”

"Something that's unique to our partnership with Bandwidth is the level of transparency. That means we can share deliverability metrics and status directly with our brands."

Omer Bar-Joseph

SVP, GM Usage Business, Yotpo

Trust that things won’t go wrong

SMS Marketing never sleeps–and Yotpo’s customer support is “pretty much available all of the time,” said Gabe Goldstein, their Director of Customer Success.

In turn, Yotpo needed a partner with the same levels of accessibility–and Bandwidth’s Premium Plus support plans fit the bill.

“Bandwidth wins on accessibility and trust. If something goes wrong, their team will address it quickly. But more than anything, we trust that things won’t go wrong,” said Gabe.

Staying ahead of regulatory challenges

Carrier requirements change each year to fight fraud, but non-compliance can lead to hefty fines and decreased deliverability.

“Our partner needs to be a trusted expert to ensure that we’re ready for the next big regulatory change, and we’re also guiding our customers through these changes,” said Omer.

"Bandwidth is an expert in this field, offering guidance and collaboration to ensure that we're ready when there are changes impacting our space."
Omer headshot

Omer Bar-Joseph

SVP, GM Usage Business, Yotpo

Bandwidth globe graphic

Smooth SMS sailing ahead

Navigating tricky carrier requirements, message deliverability, and 24/7 support for your customers? With Bandwidth by your side, you’ll be set up for success–just like Yotpo.

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