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Providertech enhances patient engagement with SMS

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The need

A better toll-free messaging experience.
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The solution

Bandwidth’s SMS API, cost-efficient pricing, and industry expertise.
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About Providertech

Providertech allows healthcare providers to automate personalized SMS messages to their consumers. Their CareX platform automatically initiates 1-way and 2-way communications, so providers can guide patients through the healthcare continuum and engage them beyond office visits and phone calls. Because better patient communication yields better patient outcomes.

Providertech’s mission: To modernize care and transform patient engagement to improve outcomes.

Bandwidth helped Providertech with:

Clear visibility into message chain of custody

Toll-Free Messaging, 10DLC text messaging, and numbers

Flexibility and cost-efficiency

The need: a more robust, secure partner

During rapid growth, Providertech needed to scale and scale smart. Since its 2014 launch, Providertech has seen tremendous interest and a high level of user adoption. As its client base grew, it needed a more robust and sustainable back-end platform to power their core SMS communications.

Providertech needed the ability to provision numbers instantly paired with sufficient flexibility with its telecommunications partners to service its clients and meet business requirements.

The solution: a relationship that delivers expertise and great pricing

Providertech’s developers were able to update their applications using SMS API. In a few days, they could connect to Bandwidth’s network to send secure messages and integrate legacy providers with minimal effort.

“Working with Bandwidth has afforded Providertech the reliability, pricing, and scalability for large-scale implementations in partnership with health care systems and insurance payers.”

Eric Stenson

Co-Founder & CTO Providertech

Bandwidth helped Providertech with:

More flexibility

“We have found the benefits of Bandwidth to be far-reaching in our product and platform development.”

Instant provisioning

“Bandwidth allows us to provision numbers on the fly, which makes a huge difference in how our providers communicate with their patients.”

Give better clinician user experiences and scale

“If one needs to reschedule, the Providertech platform can determine which appointment must be rescheduled based on the telephone number combination.”

Using Bandwidth’s API, Providertech built its application with minimal programming efforts.

With Bandwidth, Providertech is well-positioned, technologically and financially, to continue to scale to the mass health care industry.

When we switched to Bandwidth to power our SMS platform, it was effortless to get started. They gave us all the required documentation and API references to set everything up in a couple of days.
As we have many responsibilities under HIPAA, security was a top concern for our organization... There must be clear visibility into the message chain of custody.

Get built-for-business messaging using your existing numbers

Just like Providertech, if you’re a healthcare platform looking to update your application, Bandwidth is here to help! Get in touch and learn how Bandwidth’s toll-free and messaging solutions can benefit your business.

Create a better healthcare experience

Eliminate the barriers in healthcare communication between patients and providers with Bandwidth as your partner.

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