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SharpenCX champions contact center agents, supported by radically reliable, growth-ready communications

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The need

Reliable communications, simplified operations, proactive support
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The solution

Voice & messaging, Bandwidth’s award-winning support, growth expertise
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About SharpenCX

SharpenCX is credited as the contact center platform (CCaaS) that pioneered the agent-first approach. Looking through the agent’s perspective, they are changing the way customer experience(CX) outcomes are perceived, using more telling custom metrics such as ‘Active Contact Resolution’(ACR). And they are putting agents directly in charge of improving these outcomes through meaningful insights delivered straight to the agent.

SharpenCX’s mission: To empower every agent to deliver engaging customer experiences from anywhere, anytime.

Bandwidth helped SharpenCX with:

Voice and messaging with support to switch channels during interactions

Simplified operations for their contact center customers through Bandwidth APIs such as number ordering

Support in scaling,
especially navigating complex regulations

The need: consistency where it matters

Despite 50+ years of contact center evolution, truly happy customers remain elusive.

Contact center platforms need to overcome the usual inertia of CX performance levels and take a different approach to evaluating and analyzing CX.

SharpenCX’s cloud-native contact center solution supplies this need. It empowers agents with analytics on custom-created metrics that they can control to drive better customer experiences This includes ACR, which measures whether a customer’s issue was handled correctly and whether the agent anticipated future issues. SharpenCX’s customizable platform and insights help agents understand where to focus and improve for highly impactful conversations.

“Empowered agents make happy agents. Happy agents make happy customers.”

For SharpenCX to focus on what it does best–creating engaging customer and agent experiences, anywhere, anytime– it needed more than a network provider. It needed a strategic partner who could consistently offer:

  • Radically reliable and scalable communications
  • Software-driven telephony up-leveling at SharpenCX’s pace or higher
  • 360° support in all aspects of growth and scaling

The solution: expertise so reliable, it acts as a springboard

“Bandwidth is a great partner to us. They are reliable. They support the functional set, both from a telco and in a digital perspective, they’re tightly integrated with our solution. I couldn’t ask for a better partner than Bandwidth on that front. Cost-effective. Seamless part of our world. Just a quiet, powerful secret partner.

Ty Baldwin

Chief Revenue Officer

For a forward-looking business with telco roots like SharpenCX, simple communications solutions wouldn’t have been enough. They needed a reliable expert as a partner who got down in the trenches with them and accelerated their roadmap. In their team’s words:

Bandwidth helped SharpenCX with:

A reliable network and
service consistency

“My opinion about Bandwidth in the time that I worked with them is that I don’t think about them. That’s a good thing. I don’t think about it because it just works.”

Greg Bonness

VP, Strategic services

Support in all aspects
of growth

“The partnership between Sharpen and Bandwidth, it’s very frictionless. So it is very easy to get on a call and always feel like we get extremely valuable information. We hang up the phone and I’m thinking we just saved ourselves two weeks of research that we might not even know if we got to the right spot.”

Kevin Schatz

Chief Technology Officer

Software-driven speed
and scale

“When we are thinking about the roadmap, we are absolutely thinking about how Bandwidth plays into that. We reach out to Bandwidth to see what options are on the table so that we can take advantage of them faster. So rather than building all of it in-house, it’s nice to know that we have a partner that can help us get to market quicker on some of those things.“

Adam Settle

Chief Experience Officer

The impact: growth and last-mile impact

SharpenCX is not breaking new ground in a silo. Its approach is encouraging its contact center customers to drive CX transformations together. How does Bandwidth help as a partner? Hear it from SharpenCX:

A seamless connection, so it feels like a single solution between Bandwidth and Sharpen.
- Ty Baldwin, Chief Revenue Officer
Growth that would have been much slower to move without that sort of consultative engagement.
- Kevin Schatz, Chief Technology Officer
Instead of Sharpen having to do all of the integration development work, we have a partner that we can work with, that we already trust.
- Pam Hynes, Chief Operating Officer

Bandwidth solves telecom complexity globally

Delivering exceptional experiences worldwide gets complex when you have to juggle channels, providers, and integrations.

Our universal communications solutions simplify telecomplexity to help you deliver integrated global experiences. They underpin the top UCaaS and Contact Center platforms—both natively and through our unique BYOC integrations, are built on our own highly available global network, and are supported by APIs.

Start simplifying communications

The last thing you want to think about is telephony. Are you ready to shift focus to growth?
We can help with that.

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