“You’re always available. We can reach out and you’re so accommodating, working with us to dive down and find the root cause of an issue. It’s been a great experience.”
Sean Watterson
Product Manager, Rently
Customer Story

Rently creates an elegant solution for renting property

If you’ve recently tried to rent a place, either as a renter or as a property manager, there’s a simple fact that you’re probably all too familiar with—it’s sorta a pain to do. Pairing the right place with the right person and scheduling showings is a lot to do, especially if you have a wide area to cover.

Rently understood that pain for both renters and property managers and developed a simple way for renters to schedule time to see properties that best match with them while allowing property managers to effectively be in more than one place and free them up to do the other things that are critical to their jobs.

Come and knock on our door

Managing the rental of properties can be a lot of work. Between scheduled showings, follow-ups, and last-minute requests, it can mean a lot of time driving to locations, only to spend more time doing those all-important follow-ups.

For renters, finding time within a busy schedule to go see a property before it’s rented to someone else can be stressful. Being able to see a place on your time can go a long way toward helping you find that perfect spot.

Rently leveraged modern technologies, including Smart Lockboxes, Bluetooth Locks, and the ubiquitousness of smartphones, to help renters see properties on their schedule, in turn providing property managers with a better experience.

A modern solution to an old problem

Using the most flexible API in the industry, Rently developed a 21st-century solution to a long-standing problem. By allowing for their platform to be used on other systems, they provided flexibility and ease of data import from other sources, allowing property managers and renters to find the perfect properties faster.

That modern take is only the beginning. As traditional lockboxes gave way to Bluetooth lockboxes, Rently is already looking ahead to the next big thing, including how IoT devices can make property management and rental even easier and streamlined.

Opening the lines of communication

Being able to reliably connect to schedule a showing or to send a follow-up is a critical piece of Rently’s value to their customers. As they looked to scale their business, they needed a partner that could provide reliable communications and access to local and toll-free phone numbers at a price that would allow them to achieve their desired growth.

Bandwidth was able to do all that.

With access to thousands of local and toll-free phone numbers, we were able to provide Rently with access to toll-free SMS and local calling, providing that personal touch while giving flexibility to their customers to connect in the way that makes the most sense for them.

Utilizing our owned nationwide network, Rently was able to take advantage of pricing that competitors, including their previous provider, couldn’t offer while leveraging our included support to make the transition as smooth as possible.

“You’re always available,” added Sean Watterson, “we can reach out and you’re so accommodating, working with us to dive down and find the root cause of an issue (usually another carrier). It’s been a great experience.”

With more than 16 million self-tours completed to date and tens of thousands of smart home devices deployed, Rently helps single-family and multifamily operators optimize their entire leasing lifecycle with smart home technology.

Industry: Real Estate
Company size: 500+