“Our customers wanted the ability to communicate via text messaging and Bandwidth’s APIs and SDKs made it easy for us to implement that core functionality into our software directly.”
Robert Brothers
Manager of Product Development, McLeod
Customer Story

McLeod Software enables SMS messaging with ease

McLeod looks for a way to capture SMS conversations

McLeod’s customers needed an easy way to communicate with their drivers, many of whom don’t own smartphones. The drivers were already communicating via text messaging, but the messages were not being captured within the LoadMaster software platform.

To integrate these text conversations within the platform, McLeod required a simple set of text messaging APIs and SDKs that would automate everything. Since McLeod’s customers install the LoadMaster software on-premise within their organizations, the company also needed a solution that would work within each of its customers’ environments, without fail.

Custom API integration and mobile SDKs

McLeod chose Bandwidth for our robust API platform and our owned and operated carrier network, giving them the ease-of-use and low pricing that comes with eliminating the middleman.

Bandwidth developers worked closely with the McLeod team to create the texting functionality they needed, including some complex and custom event-ordering requirements. Instead of relying on forums and cookie-cutter code, McLeod was able to create a custom solution with Bandwidth’s APIs that gave them exactly what they were looking for at a price that couldn’t be beat.

A new feature set and more options for users

The new texting functionality freed McLeod customers from having to manually coordinate all of their text messages among various parties and reduced the likelihood of errors. It also allowed for fast, easy, and accurate communication with drivers, providing clear and concise information about their load assignments.

Like other LoadMaster features, texting is now fully baked into the software, meaning that every communication event continues to be captured and can be reported on at the touch of a button. That kind of accessibility is critical when companies are managing their customers’ delivery expectations—and things like traffic conditions, accidents, and unexpected closures create constant barriers to success.

Build the solution that’s right for your business

Your problems are unique, and the solutions to them should be built just for you.

Bandwidth’s APIs enable companies like McLeod to integrate communications into their software in a way that makes sense for them. Get in touch with our team to find out how Bandwidth can enable you to build the solution you need.

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