“We work where you’re working”
Tom Sheahan
CEO, Red Oxygen
Customer Story

Red Oxygen makes business texting easy

Getting your message across

Connecting to customers is something that every business strives to achieve. Whether you’re a small dentist office sending appointment reminders to your patients, a hotel sending room updates to your guests, or a large corporation sending service alerts to your customers around the world, the way you connect has changed.

Red Oxygen saw the writing on the wall back in the early 2000s and positioned itself to help businesses connect with their customers over SMS.

While emails can often go hours (or even days) without being read, 90% of text messages are read within the first 3 minutes, and that number climbs closer to 100% as time goes on. As a business, knowing that your messages would be seen, and not ignored or lost to a junk folder, was, and continues to be, a major factor in the decision to move to SMS.

Leveraging existing tools

The challenge to implementing SMS into your application or software is that you have to implement it. That typically requires hours of developer time, as well as testing time, to ensure that everything is working.

Red Oxygen saw this as a huge barrier. Smaller companies often don’t have the in-house resources, while larger companies often can’t spare their developers from other projects they’re committed to.

So, instead of forcing companies to spend time and money to implement SMS into their infrastructure, Red Oxygen makes it simple for any company to enable SMS using their existing tools.

Now, a small hotel or large corporation like Panasonic can both easily integrate SMS, using tools like Outlook, Gmail, Excel, or their own CRM to send text messages to their customers, using Red Oxygen’s simple products to integrate current communications into their existing infrastructure.

A reliable partnership

After years of establishing themselves in Australia and Asia, Red Oxygen made the move to the US market. To do that, they needed a partner that could offer them reliable message delivery and competitive pricing.

Bandwidth’s nationwide network gave them both. Our messaging experts know exactly what you need to do to have your messages delivered by the carriers. We work with companies like Red Oxygen to help their messages meet CTIA standards for content and volume to take every step possible so that they won’t be blocked, be it on our network or another.

Since we own the network, and since we have relationships with other carriers, thanks to our history in the telecom world, we’re able to offer pricing that other CPaaS providers can’t. This pricing advantage allowed Red Oxygen to turn the US into their #1 market, with US-based numbers accounting for 55% of the messages being sent.

Ready to connect?

At Bandwidth, we help companies like Red Oxygen provide their business-changing service to more companies than previously possible. Our reliable, nationwide network and on-site experts provided Red Oxygen with the tools and information they needed to make grow their business into new markets.

Ready to see how we can help you do the same? Reach out to talk to one of our experts and find out how a partnership with Bandwidth can help your business.

Founded in 2000, Red Oxygen has been helping businesses connect to their customers via SMS for nearly 20 years, becoming an integral part of companies both large and small by removing the barriers to communication and allowing companies to send texts using the tools they already have.

Industry: Business Messaging