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Hiplink delivers critical messaging with Bandwidth

Hiplink’s consumer usage grew 172% in the year after switching to Bandwidth. This is how we made it possible, together.

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Image ilustrating the 172% increas in customer usage

The Background

About Hiplink

Hiplink is a global software company that serves hospitals, clinics, first responders, and public safety by delivering critical alerts to the right devices. It’s no secret, Hiplink is saving lives. Whether it’s sending message alerts to first responders, hospital teams for a patient in critical condition or aligning the clinic staff on an incoming trauma, Hiplink is making sure the message gets there promptly and securely.

Hiplink’s mission:

To ensure human safety, and to give a personal voice to any applications and communication.

Hiplink uses Bandwidth’s APIs for:

  • Toll-free SMS & MMS
  • Local phone numbers
  • Toll-free phone numbers
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When you’re doing the kind of critical communication we are, you need a partner that actually feels the same level of dedication. Ultimately, that’s what drew us to Bandwidth.

Pamela LaPine

President & CEO


A need for a different partner

Hiplink has offered SMS on their platform since forever (technically since the launch of the very first PCS phone, so basically forever). But as messaging evolved, their customers needed more advanced features and tracking. They had questions like: Were their messages getting blocked? Were messages delivered to the phone? Were messages actually getting through?

Most importantly, they needed a partner who could provide the same level of dedication and expertise that Hiplink supplies to public safety and healthcare organizations.

In order to scale, Hiplink needed:

More visibility into message delivery

Enterprise-grade messaging

An adaptable platform

More support and dedication

What has really changed for Hiplink’s healthcare customers is patient communication. They need to have powerful patient communication directly from the medical records system. And when you’re doing that, you don’t have time to be out there trying to figure out what carrier they’re on.

Pamela LaPine

President & CEO

The solution

An ally in critical messaging

Hiplink partnered with Bandwidth, and the results speak for themselves. “From last year to this year, we’ve seen a 172% increase in our usage (messages sent through the platform). It has made a huge difference that our customers can get enterprise-grade messaging universally, and an exceptional level of service no matter what carrier the end device is on. The Bandwidth platform is adaptable. We are developing new features on our platform every day, so as our software continues to evolve, we needed a partner that can and is willing to evolve with us .”

Bandwidth has helped Hiplink:

Grow their business


increase in customer usage

Improve clinician workflow

“Now more appointment reminders, billing reminders, and portal notifications are getting directly into the hands of patients. Since appointment reminders really, really cut down on no-shows, and we can automatically process cancellations, our clinicians are saving time and money!”

Advance their product

“When we needed test scenarios, we were able to work with the support team and the engineering team. Having the opportunity to ask questions and getting the kind of expertise that Bandwidth provides, made the development process straightforward for us.”

Hiplink’s customers now get enterprise-grade messaging, significantly improving communications with their patients and providers.
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I owe it to my customers to have the very best. And I’m with Bandwidth because I believe they’re the best.

Pamela LaPine

President & CEO

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Curious to learn more about how we help businesses like Hiplink send messages? Visit our Healthcare page or get in touch to get all of your questions about message deliverability answered.

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