"Switching to Bandwidth was key to increase message deliverability. Response loops are tighter, user communication has grown, and average response times have gone from hours to minutes with texting."
Locke Bircher
Lead Engineer, GigSalad
Customer Story

GigSalad switches to Bandwidth to help artists event hosts book talent

With an upbeat name like GigSalad, it’s not hard to see how this platform attracts professionals and party planners alike.

The idea behind the online talent marketplace is simple: GigSalad connects talent, including everything from musical acts to bartenders and speakers, with event hosts nationwide and acts as a two-way communication platform for booking events.

Through GigSalad, artists can easily book and manage gigs, and party planners can throw the event of a lifetime with the talent they need, all in one place.

GigSalad looks to SMS to help their customers communicate

GigSalad set out to improve the world of event booking by eliminating miscommunication and time lag in customer-to-customer messaging, providing a seamless booking experience to its subscribers.

Given how fast we read and respond to texts, with 90% of texts being read within 3 minutes of being received, text messaging was a logical, indispensable way for GigSalad’s customers to communicate and iron out details in minutes that could otherwise have taken weeks.

“Our booking platform is probably what I’m most proud of. GigSalad is by far the easiest place to find and then hire talent of any kind, for any event. Sometimes we see major bookings being discussed, ironed out, and agreed upon over the course of less than an hour. It’s amazing to me.”

Locke Bircher, Lead Engineer, GigSalad

Bandwidth helps GigSalad scale with reliable message deliverability

In a text-heavy communication world, Bandwidth provides rock-solid message delivery through their communications APIs. Prior to becoming a Bandwidth customer, GigSalad was using a telco-based email gateway for sending messages between its members.

When they needed to scale up in response to growing demand for their service, message deliverability rates with their previous provider dropped significantly. This was troubling as GigSalad customers relied heavily on its messaging features to initiate bookings and communicate details of an event.

“Bandwidth was the easiest to communicate with and seemed to be the most up-front with answers to questions we had.”

Locke Bircher, Lead Engineer, GigSalad

With Bandwidth’s communications APIs, GigSalad gained a stable messaging option that could scale for GigSalad’s growth without costing a fortune. With a better solution in place, GigSalad’s messaging experience was improved, allowing their business to take the next step and grow.

Faster communication among users on the GigSalad website thanks to a more robust messaging solution

GigSalad now sends thousands of text messages per day through a seamless API baked into its booking platform. This has opened greater channels of communication between talent and prospective clients. Communications and response rates also have significantly improved as a direct result of using Bandwidth’s Messaging API.

“Switching to Bandwidth was key for us in increasing our message deliverability,” said Locke of Bandwidth’s API solution.

“As a result, response loops are tighter and communication between users on our site has grown, average response times have gone from hours to minutes when users have text messages enabled.”

Get the reliable solution your business deserves

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GigSalad offers an easy way to book local entertainment and services for any type of event. With over 130,000 performers and service providers nationwide, you’re sure to find exactly what you want. Just search, select, and celebrate. From bands and speakers to clowns and princesses, GigSalad has everything to make your next event unforgettable!

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