"Without Bandwidth, we wouldn't have been able to go worldwide so fast. Thanks to their compliant coverage, we have been able to increase the number of countries we can reach by 3-5x."
Pierre-Baptiste Béchu
Co-founder and VP, Aircall
Customer Story

Aircall takes the shortest path to global scale

Bandwidth’s APIs and worldwide, compliant coverage help Aircall rapidly scale its cloud phone systems.

Founded in 2014, Aircall is committed to creating a phone system “for modern business”. The provider has solutions for corporate telephony and contact centers that span numerous devices and ecosystems, enabling more effective collaboration.

“Without Bandwidth, we would have developed our product in a few countries, perhaps 10 or 20. But not 60. Not in this time frame,” explains Pierre.

For Aircall, Bandwidth’s strength is how easy it makes taking their business to new markets and scaling on a global level. To have one provider enabling worldwide reachability is a massive advantage for us.”

Shifting focus to growth

Aircall is able to keep its focus on its platform and customers, without the hassle of building and maintaining a telephony layer of its own.

The company can bring Bandwidth’s cloud SIP trunks and phone numbers–plus everything that they represent in terms of coverage, compliance, and stability–directly to its CPaaS and integrate them in minutes.

Bandwidth’s APIs ensure that Aircall’s customers can instantly provision and dynamically configure phone numbers, port in existing phone numbers, and automate compliance in the face of growing regulatory requirements across Europe.

Scale with global tools for a global vision in 60+ countries worldwide

Just like Aircall, you can focus on the future with solutions designed to give you the global reach, reliability, and flexibility you need to scale efficiently.

With Bandwidth’s global network, automated operations, best-in-breed porting, and expertise in navigating regulations globally, feel confident shifting focus to your growth priorities.

Aircall is the phone and communication platform, designed for sales and support teams. Through a combination of its powerful software and dedicated people, Aircall helps SMBs drive productivity and turn customer and employee satisfaction into key growth drivers. 

Industry: UCaaS
Company size: 700+
Customer since: 2017