"It's a comfort knowing that we have that extra network resilience. We've also seen financial gains moving to Bandwidth, just from dismantling our old infrastructure."
James Broadstone
Senior Telecom Project Engineer, Navex
Customer Story

NAVEX takes risk management to their communications

From dread to delight: Porting that dreams are made of

As a compliance and risk management platform, NAVEX provides thousands of organizations with the tools to make smarter risk and compliance decisions. IT & vendor risk management, policies, and procedure management, and even third-party monitoring are used by global organizations to protect their employees, brand, and environment.

One of their most urgent services? EthicsPoint, their hotline, and platform designed to address the most urgent compliance events.

James Broadstone, the Senior Telecom Project Engineer at NAVEX, manages their corporate telephony lines and hotline numbers so customers can get help when it matters most.

His team managed their telephony with a traditional carrier, which made it harder to scale, slower to adopt innovation and even faced risk of disruption. On top of that, managing numbers and porting with legacy providers often felt like a black box.

Our PSTN connectivity was location-based, and if a construction site accidentally dug up a cable, we couldn’t connect with our customers.

On top of that, porting was just a miserable, painful process. I would fill out a bunch of forms, send them to our carrier, and 30 days later I would find out if it went through or if I needed to restart the process.

James Broadstone, Senior Telecom Project Engineer

James knew he needed a cloud-based voice solution for the uptime and global reach NAVEX needed—and he picked Bandwidth’s all-IP VoIP technology to do the trick.

From 0 to 16,000 (real quick)

With Bandwidth’s intuitive porting experience, James and his team migrated over 16,000 phone numbers to the cloud with a redundant, resilient provider.

Going forward, James and his team can feel confident customers can reach them, and enjoy a top-notch, modernized calling experience.

As the global leader in risk and compliance software, Navex is dedicated to delivering more confident risk management for their customers. Navex’s solutions help organizations maximize the value of their risk through consulting services, hotlines, and a suite of software.

Industry: Risk Management
Company size: 1,500+