“What’s cool for us is that Bandwidth enables us to act in a telecom capacity, even though we’re not telecoms experts.”
Michael Cooney
Co-Founder, WhatConverts
Customer Story

WhatConverts helps prioritize advertising channels

Companies spend thousands of dollars each year on Google Adwords campaigns, social media marketing, and magazine ads with many not entirely sure which of these channels are converting the most leads into sales. Access to this kind of data is often as costly as the ads themselves, and that’s where WhatConverts steps in.

WhatConverts seeks cost-per-call savings and a robust API solution

Prior to 2015, when WhatConverts became a Bandwidth customer, they were using a different CpaaS (communications platform-as-a-service) provider. WhatConverts was banking on an API solution that it could plug in and get working with minimal hiccups while allowing them to save on costs.

On top of that, the API had to be dynamic enough to work with their existing software while being simple enough to issue their customers the local phone numbers they desired to match their place of business through the API without confusion.

Bandwidth provides a dynamic solution for connection customers with area codes nationwide

Bandwidth worked closely alongside WhatConverts to customize the communications platform to their exact requirements. The call lead tracking company was able to maintain a direct line to Bandwidth API experts who were immediately responsive to questions about the integration. A simple solution was crucial for getting area codes in places WhatConverts customers resided, and handling calls successfully.

“It’s simple. That’s exactly what we were looking for,” says Michael Cooney.

By making the switch to Bandwidth, WhatCoverts was able to take advantage of Bandwidth’s network ownership and the economic benefits that provided—delivering savings and communications quality benefits to its customers as well.

“The pricing was much better than what our other carrier was using.”

“Above all else was the tremendous support. While we had waited three or four days for our previous carrier to respond to a support request, Bandwidth was immediate.”

– Jeremy Helms, Co-founder, WhatConverts

“What’s cool for us is that Bandwidth enables us to act in a telecom capacity, even though we’re not telecoms experts.” said Co-founder Michael Cooney.

WhatConverts wins with increased profit margins, quicker support resolutions, and satisfied customers

Now WhatConverts customers can easily sign up for a new number through Bandwidth’s streamlined API platform. With the help of Bandwidth’s frictionless support channel, WhatConverts now confronts issues as they arise without having to wait days or weeks to hear back from their carrier. Customers are now able to obtain numbers in their local area codes, and these customizations are helping WhatConverts track leads that win conversions.

WhatConverts helps businesses follow the money with call tracking, web forms, and e-commerce metrics in a single, streamlined software. WhatConverts believes that access to metrics that educate businesses on which marketing channels are the most effective is what their customers need.

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