“Working with anyone at Bandwidth, from our Account Manager to Customer Support, is always top-notch. I have full confidence in Bandwidth. Their response time is second to none.”
James Wood
VP of Provisioning, MetTel
Customer Story

MetTel’s journey from local carrier to 4x Gartner Magic Quadrant Leader

From humble roots, reselling pay phones and residential lines, to a four-time Gartner Magic Quadrant Leader, New York-based MetTel has blazed a trail to globally trusted Managed Network Services provider.

With customers big and small, they help organizations turn their telecom headaches into dramatically simple, streamlined operations. 

“If an organization has 3,000 locations, they could get anywhere from 500 to 1,000 phone bills. MetTel can take over all their services, and give them one bill a month.”

James Wood, VP of Provisioning, MetTel

As an end-to-end telecommunications provider in a crowded market, MetTel needed to stand out—and they did that through building trust and confidence in their relationships. Their rock-solid relationships and trust are the secret ingredient to their success. Creating a trusted organization means working with trusted vendors and providers, too.

“It’s a home run when we look at our accomplishments and our relationships,” James Wood, VP of Provisioning at MetTel explained. “With Bandwidth, it’s kind of like working for the same company. The better Bandwidth gets, the better we can get.”

Happy porting, no matter what

Intuitive number management tools, automated provisioning processes, and an entire floor of porting experts help make Bandwidth’s porting happier than most. 

So when MetTel was tasked with a large, 30+ day porting project, they knew they could hit their deadlines and deliver on their promises.

“We had locations that had anywhere from 8000 to 35000 lines. That’s a massive project,” James explained. “Even after porting all those numbers, Bandwidth stuck around to make sure everything was a success.”

“We like using Bandwidth because of your porting dashboard, which is very user-friendly. We send the order to Bandwidth, and we can see errors up front and get those knocked out so ports aren’t delayed. “

James Wood, VP of Provisioning, MetTel

As James and his team continue to support their organizations, they can rest easy at night knowing they’re backed by a team that gets them.

MetTel is a communications software provider that offers a wide range of products and services to meet the communication needs of other enterprises and government agencies. MetTel helps organizations focus on their core objectives.

Industry: IT Services
Company size: 500-1,000