Clever’s team appreciates the insight into message delivery that only a carrier like Bandwidth could provide.

Customer Story

Clever seamlessly connects real estate agents and home buyers

How many of us can say this about our experience the last time we bought or sold a home?

  • Open line of communication with me throughout the process
  • Always available
  • Quick to respond
  • There for us every step of the way

With the above desires, the quest to find the best agent can be an arduous, and costly, endeavor. Sellers in the US, paying traditional commission fees, are forking over upwards of $18,650.

Finding the right agent for you

Clever is a clever real estate start-up connecting sellers (and buyers) with experienced, highly-rated agents—at a serious discount.

Agents working with Clever must have been working full-time in real estate for 5+ years, maintain great reviews, and have local market knowledge. By connecting clients with verified top agents, Clever helps home buyers and sellers sift through the noise (and their mom’s friend Angie who they just have to use). For agents, Clever delivers clients directly to their door so they can focus on closing business.

Because Clever only works with highly rated agents, providing consistent and easy channels for communicating with clients is key. Choosing a CPaaS provider without insight into message delivery or carrier relationships could mean that agents couldn’t contact clients, which could affect negotiations or even leave buyers unable to bid on the home of their dreams.

A better solution to an old problem

As a business focused on exceptional customer service, finding a partner that could power communications and provide that same level of customer support was only natural for Clever. Their previous communications provider was difficult to reach and dodged questions about costs and what solution would best fit their needs. Clever also wanted to offer agents and clients the ability to group message, a product unique to Bandwidth that helped to solve their specific need.

From the very first conversation, the Bandwidth team was responsive and provided awesome support. Making it easy to get going reduced the workload on Clever’s development team so they could focus on their core business. Clever’s team also appreciated the insight into message delivery that only a carrier like Bandwidth could provide.

Since partnering with Bandwidth, Clever has grown its agent population by over 40%—and they know their Bandwidth team will be there as they continue to expand into new markets and partner with more agents.

Clever’s expert advice, reviews of service providers, and data-driven research help more than 12 million readers make smarter real estate decisions each year. No matter where you are in your real estate journey, Clever can help you reach your goals. They also help over 30,000 people a year find the right real estate agent for their needs.

Industry: Real Estate
Company size: 120+ employees