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Bandwidth Insights

Bandwidth Insights

Spark those “aha!” moments with real-time analytics across your communications performance.

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Improve your voice & messaging experience

Bandwidth Insights give you a detailed view into your voice and messaging performance to help you make proactive, informed decisions.

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Voice insights

Bandwidth’s Voice Insights lets you monitor and troubleshoot calls, so you can easily spot concerns and anomalies to deliver a seamless customer experience. You’ll get data across:

  • SIP errors
  • Estimated cost
  • Attestation level
  • Up to 30 days of call data
  • Call state
  • Performance and health
  • Post-dial delay
  • Call volume on
    specific numbers
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Messaging insights

Drive ROI and improve CX by proactively removing barriers to message performance. Make your messaging better than ever with access to:

  • Real-time message
    logs & search API
  • Message delivery
  • MPS throughput tracking
  • Trend usage
  • Troubleshooting dashboard

Voice Insights

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Self-service across analytics

Call Logs offer visibility into your voice data like never before. Filter and search recent calls and download call records from the last 30 days.

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Voice usage trends

Understand anomalies in your traffic by numbers, subaccounts, or call state.

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Optimize the calling experience

Get visibility into attestation levels and call compliance with STIR/SHAKEN, then analyze data across failed and drop calls for clarity into your voice services.

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Monitor service health

Explore successful and failed calls with visibility into the performance of your voice service.

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See how your organization can use instant, in-depth access to voice metrics to transform how you and your customers experience voice calling.

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Messaging Insights

Quality of service, even more than price, is what makes a difference for your business’ bottom line. With Bandwidth’s Messaging Insights, you can have a detailed view of your messaging performance across campaigns to make data-driven decisions.

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Know your delivery

Explore error and delivery rates across carriers and products so you can identify trends and improve your message delivery rates.

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Accelerate problem resolution

Identify issues as they’re happening, search message statuses, and prevent blocked messages before they happen.

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Monitor and optimize messaging campaigns

With Messaging Campaign Management (coming soon!), you can track usage and deliverability for each campaign to get more ROI from your texting investments.

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Get the data you need to run your business

Leverage trends and our dashboard to review historical delivery and usage patterns to make smarter decisions for your business.

The Bandwidth difference

At Bandwidth, we’re flipping communications on its head and building a different kind of company. People have called us lots of things—“the most modern carrier,” “the most powerful CPaaS,” “the most scalable API provider.” We do things differently and we’ve made reinventing telecom our mission, combining the power of a network operator with the flexibility of an API platform.

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Where can I find Voice Insights in my Bandwidth Portal?

Check out our support pages to find out how to access and use Call Logs!

What information is available in the Voice Insights Call Logs?

  • Call ID: The unique ID associated with the call. This is the SIP Call ID, it will not match the call id customers receive when using the voice APIs to initiate a call
  • Start Time: The date and time the call connected or failed to connect
  • Duration: Indicates the duration of the call
  • SIP: The SIP code associated with the call. This can indicate whether the call was successful or the reason the call did not complete
  • Result: Indicates whether a call is Complete or Incomplete
  • From Number: This phone number is the sender
  • To Number: This phone number is the receiver
  • Direction: Indicates whether the call is inbound or outbound
  • Call Type: The type of voice product associated with this call
  • Cost: The estimated cost for the call

Where can I find Messaging Insights in my Bandwidth Portal?

Check out our support pages to find out how to access and use Message Logs and the Messaging Insights Dashboards!

What are the different message statuses that can be viewed with the Message Search API and in Message Logs?

  • RECEIVED: Bandwidth has received a request to send a message. This is the initial status for inbound and outbound messages.
  • QUEUED: Bandwidth has successfully received the message and queued the message prior to being sent.
  • SENDING: Bandwidth is in the process of sending your messages to the downstream carrier.
  • SENT: Bandwidth has sent the message and the carrier has accepted the message. This can be a final delivery status for messages when no delivery receipt (DLR) was requested or when no DLR was received by the carrier.
  • FAILED: The message could not be sent from Bandwidth. Review error codes for more information.
  • DELIVERED: Bandwidth has received a delivery receipt from the carrier confirming successful delivery to the carrier or handset (when available).
  • UNDELIVERED: The message was not capable of being delivered. Delivery receipt indicates the message was failed or rejected by the carrier.

How are Message Search and Message Logs different from Message Detail Records (MDRs)?

Message Detail Records (MDRs) are a record of each segment associated with a customer’s account. The records from the previous day are available in the Bandwidth Dashboard for customers to download. Message Logs and Message Search show the records of the message associated with the account.

MDRs Logs
Record Level Segment Message
Download Record Yes Yes
Search/Filter No Yes (by msg Id, status, error, date, phone number, etc)
Data Availability Next day Real-time within seconds
Time period  Up to 90 days  30 days or 10k records per request

How long is data available through Bandwidth Insights?

    Messaging Insights

  • For Message Logs, data is viewable for 30 days. Message Logs are available within seconds of sending the message and updated in real-time as the status of the message updates.
  • For Troubleshooting and MPS dashboards, data is viewable for up to three days and updated every 15 minutes.
    Voice Insights

  • For Call Logs, data is stored for 30 days. Call logs are available shortly after the call has a final state, complete or incomplete.