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NETRIO helps companies grow with managed solutions

Getting rid of stress is NETRIO’s business

Running a successful business is stressful—NETRIO removes that stress. NETRIO helps companies grow and scale by simplifying and managing their operational challenges, like network and communications management.

“It starts with our core competencies,” said Steve Weltner, Managing Partner of Telecom Operations at NETRIO. “Our ability to look at things from an operational point of view. We’re able to provide that guidance of not necessarily who’s the best price, but what’s the appropriate vendor platform and services to set up.”

NETRIO maintains their own cloud carrier network, giving them and their customers a lot of control over their communications services. With managed IT services including NOCaaS (Network Operations Center as a Service) and voice services, NETRIO partners with businesses, service providers, value added resellers, and more to provide them with reliable voice calling through services such as SIP Trunking and UCaaS, network monitoring, and help desk services, removing the burden from them while also ensuring that their end users don’t experience outages.

Even for a cloud carrier, Bandwidth’s network makes sense

NETRIO’s approach to how they work with their customers is the same approach that Bandwidth takes, and what makes the two companies work so well together.

“The tier 1 communications that you provided throughout the …process was awesome.”

—Steve Weltner on Bandwidth.

In addition to quality voice calling, NETRIO is able to provide a better user experience to their customers by using the Bandwidth Dashboard to manage their phone numbers. Whether ordering and provisioning new numbers or porting existing numbers, the Bandwidth Dashboard allows NETRIO to focus on their core business by eliminating costly, time-consuming wait times without the need for ticket submissions for common, everyday tasks that other providers require, all while allowing NETRIO to be as much in control as they want. This not only reduces friction for NETRIO, but enables them to provide a better customer experience to their users.

But it’s not just the Bandwidth Dashboard that enables NETRIO to serve their customers—it’s the people.

“We almost never have to call,” said Steve, “but when we do, the Bandwidth team is always ready to help. Whether it’s answering a question or helping us with a tricky port, we’ve been fortunate to work with several members of your team over the years.”

Bandwidth’s team of dedicated number porting experts may not always be needed by NETRIO, but when they are, they’ve stepped in, ensuring that NETRIO’s customers don’t have to experience rejected ports that could impact how they conduct their business or view NETRIO.

“You’ve built a reliable class of a tier-1 type network,” added Steve about both Bandwidth’s dashboard and our network. “The time savings and ease of use have changed how we’re able to serve our customers.”

Start a partnership with Bandwidth

NETRIO doesn’t just rely on Bandwidth for our network and dashboard (though those are two driving reasons), but for our people. Since 2012, NETRIO has worked with Bandwidth to grow their business. Many of the people that helped NETRIO get started are still with Bandwidth, having grown into new roles to better support our growing partnerships with companies just like NETRIO.

Ready to start your own partnership with the Bandwidth team? Give us a call and find out why companies like NETRIO partner with us.

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