"The Bandwidth APIs open up tremendous opportunities for us to build out new and innovative features since we can integrate our interactions with Bandwidth directly into the software and services we build."
Timothy Dick
Founder and CEO, VOIPo
Customer Story

VOIPo builds new and innovative features with Bandwidth’s APIs

When VOIPo was seeking a partner to give customers access to the account management features they wanted, they knew they needed an industry-leading solution.

Scaling to accommodate big customer orders and get real-time insights on phone number ports

Manual phone number ports can be time-consuming, often involving putting in support tickets and waiting for the ports to be approved. A series of authorization forms are required for each number, and support agents must be in frequent contact with the customer to process an order. When number ports fail this poses an even bigger challenge for a small support staff.

Founder and CEO of VOIPo Timothy Dick knew he needed more features than the bare-bones APIs other companies were offering to manage phone numbers. As a Bandwidth customer of over 10 years, he was delighted to find that Bandwidth’s Phone Number APIs were equipped to handle his industry’s changing demands.

“Bandwidth APIs are super responsive and streamlined and actually let us view and manage all of the numbers on our account. We really like being able to manage endpoints in bulk and the ability to access features like CNAM and directory listings easily. The number porting process is also excellent and in many cases we have nearly real-time responses to porting requests.”

– Timothy Dick, Founder and CEO, VOIPo

VOIPo uses developer-friendly APIs to ease the number-ordering process

Timothy asserts that Bandwidth Communications APIs offer something better than anything else on the market. VOIPo software developers prefer working only with Bandwidth APIs because they’re relevant and easy to use.

“The APIs are fantastic. We really enjoy the ease of managing our account. With older customer portals, we often ended up in situations where we couldn’t view all customer numbers…let alone manage them all.”

– Timothy Dick, Founder and CEO, VOIPo

While gaining backend improvements was a top priority for developers, the biggest value they extracted from the APIs wasn’t just the labor savings, but the enhanced options in the customer portal. VOIPo can now seamlessly deliver Caller ID, SMS, and greater search parameters to customers without delay.

From the management side of things, Bandwidth’s suite of tools helps customer support agents track port outs, number status, and usage information. A more streamlined backend service for VOIPo makes inventory cleanup and reducing waste possible.

More of what customers want, less of what they don’t

Besides cutting costs, Bandwidth’s APIs are delivering innovative tools that automate administrative burdens and anticipate the needs of customers and software developers alike. This solution promises innovation for VOIPo’s future.

“The Bandwidth APIs open up tremendous opportunities for us to build out new and innovative features since we can integrate our interactions with Bandwidth directly into the software and services we build. Customers today want innovation, and without the APIs, it would be hard for us to stay on top of that.”

– Timothy Dick, Founder and CEO, VOIPo

Make your number management easier

Managing your phone numbers doesn’t have to be a headache. Companies like VOIPo rely on Bandwidth and our industry-leading dashboard to make the process of ordering, managing, and porting phone numbers happy. Find out how we can help your business cut administrative costs and give you, and your customers, a better number management experience.

Automate phone number management Talk to an expert

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