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We know number porting so you don’t have to

We know porting phone numbers can be frustrating. Other carriers have their own individual rules that can be tough to sort out on your own. So If you need us, we’re here to help, and oftentimes, we’re even helping behind the scenes, invisibly solving number porting problems to keep things moving.

Because we’re a carrier ourselves, we have strong relationships with the other tier one carriers, allowing for speedier, simpler number ports. We can also make our own carrier services team accessible to you for things like port outs, disputed ports, and carrier relations if the need arises.

Phone Number Porting Process

Integrate Bandwidth Porting into your own tools with our robust Phone Number Porting API

We've finely tuned our phone number porting experience to put the tools you need in front of you at the right times. But you might want to put that power within your own internal tool, or give your customers the ability to submit their own port orders - we get that. You have the flexibility to do business how it makes sense for you… with or without developers.

Phone Number Porting API Code Example

Scheduled phone number ports let you dictate when ports go through, saving you time and hassle

We give you the freedom and flexibility to choose the date and time that your phone numbers are activated (FOC dates) so you can have teams on-site or on-call if needed to make sure everything goes smoothly for your end users. We love putting you in control.

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