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Phone Number Porting

The best porting experience anywhere

Bandwidth has created a truly superior porting experience. Our dashboard, number porting APIs, and highly-trained porting specialists make moving phone numbers easier than ever. We call it Happy Porting.

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All the features that make Bandwidth the best porting experience anywhere

The Bandwidth Happy Porting Experience

Number porting can be one of the most painstaking parts of managing voice and messaging services: a perfect storm of differing carrier requirements, red tape, and lack of support. That's why we've combined our status as both a cutting edge CPaaS provider and carrier to reinvent how number porting works.

Port up to 20,000 numbers from an unlimited amount of losing carriers in a single batch. No more duplicative work.

Select your port date and time (down to the second) and apply it across your entire bank of numbers with a single click.

Drag and drop individual port orders out of a bulk port. Different markets (or offices) with different needs are easy to manage.

Proactively select a new billing telephone number when you need to port your main line, reducing rejection time by up to 3 days.

Integrate Bandwidth porting into your own platform or internal tools with our robust phone number porting API.

The Only Dedicated Team Of Porting Experts In The Industry

Our specialized, highly-trained porting team is dedicated to making sure your port goes smoothly—and they’re really good at it. Want proof? We’ve ported toll-free numbers for a market-leading conferencing provider that was carrying live conferencing traffic (we’re talking thousands of concurrent calls) at the time of port, and didn’t miss a beat.

Because we’re a carrier ourselves, we have strong relationships with the other Tier 1 carriers, allowing for speedier, simpler number ports. And we can make our own carrier services team accessible to you for things like port outs, disputed ports, and carrier relations if the need arises.

How You Can Use Bandwidth Number Porting

Happier Porting Means Happier:


Cloud migrations

Migrate your communications to the cloud with absolutely no downtime.


Mergers & acquisitions

Consolidate platforms with the control and flexibility you need to keep day-to-day operations running smoothly.


Workstation management

Set up and tear down workstations nimbly–so your business can keep up with your people, and new employees can hit the ground running.

It’s Time for Better Porting

Porting doesn’t have to be clunky, spreadsheet-dependent, or agonizingly slow. Talk to a porting expert today to experience Bandwidth’s Happy Porting.

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