Spot the right network provider for scaling globally

Your VoIP provider can be a critical accelerator in scaling your cloud communications to new markets. But picking the right provider—one who can offer reach, simplification, regulations support, and consolidation efficiencies—is tricky.
You’ll Learn:
  • Network quality checklist
  • Compliance operations checklist
  • Emergency service capabilities checklist

Here’s a handy checklist we created to help you select the right cloud communications partner for your growth and scaling goals. These are the questions we get asked most frequently by leading UCaaS/CCaaS platform owners and enterprises looking to expand into new markets.

Learn how your network partner can take you global quicker.

We know finding the right VoIP provider gets complex, likely because:

You have too many business VoIP providers to choose from.

You aren’t able to pinpoint the provider(s) who can help you scale and consolidate operations across markets efficiently.

You aren’t sure how vendor consolidation will affect your service reliability in different markets.

So, what are the defining characteristics of the right provider—one who can offer global reach and simplify scaling, regulations, and operations for you?

Here’s a handy checklist to help you ask the right questions the leading UCaaS/CCaaS platform owners and enterprises are asking to find a growth partner.

Ask the cloud communications provider:

About the network
  • How many countries do you cover in my areas of interest?
  • Do you own the network these calls traverse through?
  • Are you an aggregated re-seller?
  • What are your fail-over mechanisms in case of an incident
  • What’s your usual network uptime—globally and domestically?
  • How do you deliver your in-country service?
  • Can you give us national termination?
  • Can we have a localized CLI?
  • Do we need a certified SBC to connect into your network?
  • Where are your SBC locations for customer connectivity?


About compliance
  • How many countries are you national operators in?
  • In how many countries do you have Notification Status/Licenses?
  • What’s your extent of aggregation?
  • Can I trace the supply chain to the in-country resource?
  • How many steps are there in this supply chain?
  • What is your KYC workflow?
  • How do you deal with LAR (Local Address Requirements)?
  • Do you provide access to emergency services where regulations require it?
  • What’s your process for dealing with emergency services data submission?
  • Do you provide national/local routes where regulations require it?

About the emergency service capability
  • What’s your approach to emergency services?
  • What’s your approach to emergency services?
  • Do you offer Dynamic Location Routing?
  • What happens to your emergency network in case of an event where all lines ring at once?
  • Do you offer a failover mechanism for emergency call routing?
  • Historically, how have you dealt with emergency services regulations?


About the operational efficiency
  • How many teams do I have to coordinate with for multi-regional operations?
  • How fast can you get me set up with a SIP trunk?
  • What’s your porting efficiency?
  • Is it automated?
  • How do you make migrations less painful for me?
  • How many contracts do I need to sign for operations spanning multiple countries?
  • How many dashboards do I deal with to operate in multiple countries?
  • What kind of insights can I get into my products/services usage?
  • What are your SLAs and how are they defined?


About the customer support
  • Do you have 24/7/365 support for your international services?
  • For how many of our target countries can you provide 24/7/365 support to us?
  • Can I have some references from previous customers about your service quality?

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