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Cloud phone service provider turns to Bandwidth for more personalized service, big cost savings

A cloud-based phone system provider, delivers services primarily to small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) seeking an alternative to traditional, premise-based PBX phone systems. The portability and adaptability of the cloud allows customers—from pizza shops to tire stores to corporate offices—to serve multiple locations under one phone system without expensive hardware costs or infrastructure requirements, giving them the flexibility they want, with cost-savings that can’t be beat.

Steady Business Growth Belies Back-Office Headaches has served the SMB market since 2008, with steady growth fueled by a solid business model out of the gate. However, the business of serving thousands of companies’ telecommunications needs means has important requirements for their sustained growth and success:

  • Quick and easy access to phone numbers in area codes nationwide
  • A simple process for provisioning numbers and features through easy-to-use tools
  • Pricing that delivers economies of scale rather than acting as a penalty for growth’s primary communications platform-as-a-service (CPaaS) partner was lacking in all three of these areas, but the company’s biggest complaints were in the areas of cost and customer service.

“Our former provider was so terrible in terms of cost and working relationship. We had ongoing issues where we would not get a response for weeks. That, paired with the fact that our point of contact was constantly changing, made it nearly impossible to resolve issues,” said Joel Maloff, SVP of Strategic Partnerships and Alliances, Chooses Bandwidth as Primary CPaaS and Network Partner needed a partner that could deliver the phone numbers and services its customers required in a quick and timely manner and at a fair price. It chose to partner with Bandwidth as its primary network and CPaaS provider, using our flexible Communications APIs to access and provision phone numbers directly through the user interface.

“From a network engineering and design standpoint, I don’t believe in putting all eggs in one basket. That being said, we do the lion’s share of our Toll Free, Voice and SMS business with Bandwidth. Our team uses Bandwidth’s Communications APIs to tap right into the Bandwidth system,” said Joel. “Our engineers worked with Bandwidth’s Communications APIs and mobile SDKs. It was a good partnership between them and Bandwidth’s engineering team. We had direct access to senior level people throughout the process and if we had a need at any time, they were willing to adjust to make it happen.”

Better Service, Cost Savings and Ease of Doing Business

By partnering with Bandwidth, has seen ongoing success and growth. We made it easy to access the phone numbers and services their customers need while saving them money and working to get issues resolved on the spot with our dedicated team of experts. Instead of waiting days, weeks, or even months to resolve problems,’s dedicated contact has helped to keep things running smoothly.

“Bandwidth has helped us achieve success by reducing our overall costs and creating a much more smooth relationship. Knowing we can call on our Bandwidth partners anytime translates important benefits to our customers and our business overall,” said Joel. “Working with Bandwidth was, and is, a breath of fresh air. Whenever we need help answering questions or resolving issues, they’re always responsive and deliver value.”

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