“We love working with Bandwidth. You’re a one-stop-shop for everything we need.”
Yaron Globus
Vice President of Financial Optimization, Phone.com
Customer Story

Phone.com helps thousands of businesses stay connected

Today’s agile, mobile, and always-on entrepreneurs and growing businesses need communication solutions that are reliable and easy to implement. Phone.com focuses on providing this service to companies from the moment they launch and over the long term as they grow.

“Small and growing businesses want to provide outstanding customer service. The ability to stay connected is essential to that goal.”
– Ari Rabban, CEO Phone.com 

Flexible, cost-effective communications for small businesses & entrepreneurs

In the U.S., 78% of small businesses are owner-operated. Owning a business means wearing a lot of hats. You become the CEO, CFO, head of sales, and more. IT responsibilities sit on top of all of that. The last thing most people want is to get into the business of running a phone system.

That’s where Phone.com comes in. They host the service in the cloud, so there’s no hardware implementation required, and the solution is easily set up and administered in a user-friendly online portal.

What’s more, small businesses can take advantage of a host of features that were once only available to large enterprises because of the costs associated with them. Automated attendants, call queues, scheduled messages, and over 40 other features are all included in the low monthly price. Clients can even get toll-free numbers to amplify their brand.

With Phone.com, business owners and their teams can focus on their customers and the work they love. Meanwhile, they enjoy voice, messaging, video, and more on the device of their choice.

Finding a strategic toll-free partner

Providing outstanding toll-free voice calling to customers requires more than just developing fantastic software. It’s also necessary to navigate the incredibly complex task of optimizing routes, juggling carrier relations, navigating outages, and troubleshooting quality issues.

As it grew, Phone.com realized that these responsibilities were inflating overhead and pulling the team away from their core mission to delight customers with innovative communications solutions. They set out to find a strategic partner and found it in Bandwidth.

Since partnering with Bandwidth, Phone.com has continued to grow, with customers using tens of millions of minutes per month, a third of which are on the Bandwidth network. By allowing Bandwidth to operate as the RespOrg (Responsible Organization) for its toll-free service, they’ve reduced their overhead and operating costs and invested those savings into innovation for customers.

“Bandwidth has evolved to become more than just a provider for us. We consider you to be a key strategic partner enabling the growth of our organization.” Brent Barbara – SVP of Business Development

Yaron Globus, Vice President of Financial Optimization. 

Bandwidth’s history in the carrier space, industry knowledge, and relationships with other carriers provided Phone.com the partner they needed to improve efficiency while maintaining performance.

People-oriented, customer first

The relationship between Phone.com and Bandwidth goes beyond services rendered. Both companies are aligned in their dedication to customer success. The partnership is built on trust and a shared mission of helping people stay connected.

Both Phone.com and Bandwidth back up their commitment to their customers with 100% US-based customer service that’s ready to dive right in and ensure that the customer gets what they need when they need it.

“Being able to provide the services Phone.com needs is great,” said Curtis Birtles, their dedicated Bandwidth account manager, “but the synergy between our customer-first cultures is why working with Phone.com has been so rewarding for us.”

Phone.com is the modern small business communication solution that lets customers connect a business phone number to any device. Founded in 2008, they provide flexible, affordable voice, text, video conferencing, and faxing services to more than 40,000 customers.

Industry: IT Services and IT Consulting
Company size: 300+