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Toll-Free Services

Toll-Free Services

Bandwidth’s Toll-Free Services offer 5x carrier redundancy direct to our core network for an innovative solution that keeps your customers connected.

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The biggest platforms & products trust Bandwidth’s Toll-Free Services

A unique toll-free solution

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No more disruptions with 5x carrier redundancy

Get unparalleled business continuity with 5x redundancy. Our Feature Group D network, paired with direct peering relationships with 4 major toll-free carriers, delivers 5x redundancy direct to our core network.

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Cost savings & predictability

Get rid of unpredictable billing and find cost savings with flat rate and competitive rate deck pricing options that work for your business.

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Expertise & 24×7 support

Rely on dedicated industry experts, our 24x7 Network Operations Center (NOC), and Technical Assistance Center (TAC) for all your toll-free questions & support—always included for every customer.

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Streamlined processes

Cut out the middleman and access an expansive inventory of instantly provisionable toll-free numbers with our industry-leading Number Management Dashboard and APIs.

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See how a 5x carrier redundant network makes your toll-free calling better

With Bandwidth as your toll-free service provider & RespOrg you can leverage our Feature Group D network. We manage the complexity of routing on your behalf, providing multi-carrier failover redundancy with direct peering relationships to four other carriers. Our 24×7 NOC proactively monitors the network to detect and adjust to avoid outages—so your customers (and your revenue) always get through.

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The toll-free solution your business deserves

Our innovative, redundant toll-free solution lets you access features and experts to redefine how your business, and your customers, use toll-free.

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Extensive coverage

Receive toll-free calls from across the street, across state lines, and across the country with our national coverage.

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Large number inventory

Find and instantly provision the toll-free numbers you need from our deep pool of ready-to-use numbers.

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SMS availability

Easily enable your toll-free numbers for text messaging, ensuring your customers can communicate with you however they prefer.

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Developer resources

Up-to-date APIs and code samples enable you to build the solution that’s right for your business.

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Support included

Direct access to industry experts to answer your questions and quickly resolve any issues.

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99.999% Core Network uptime

Our 5x carrier redundant toll-free service peers directly to our geo-redundant core network for an impressive 99.999% uptime.

Our unique toll-free solution vs. the competitors’


  • Multi-threaded for 5x carrier redundancy
  • Delivers control & quality via direct peering
  • Expert support included
  • 99.999% core network uptime
  • Advanced number searchability & bulk ordering

Typical competitor

  • Single-threaded networks
  • Lack control by aggregating networks
  • Support costs extra
  • Variable network uptime
  • Complicated number ordering & limitations

What that means for you


More of your toll-free calls get delivered, meaning your customers get a better experience, and your revenue keeps flowing.


Number and service management is quicker and easier, saving your company headaches and money.

Here’s what some of our customers have to say

customer graphic realized that as they grew, optimizing routes and juggling carrier relationships was inflating their overhead. That’s why they turned to Bandwidth as their strategic toll-free partner.

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customer Evolve IP graphic

EvolveIP wanted to get the management of their toll-free out of their hands so they could focus on innovation. That’s why the smooth transition to Bandwidth as their RespOrg reaffirmed their trust in us.

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Bandwidth's 5x carrier redundant toll-free services offer more reliability without a loss of control over your business’ critical communications. Improve failover assurance, leverage APIs to automate processes, and get the balance of quality and cost that you need.

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