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Call assure shield

Call Assure

Safeguard your traffic against toll-free drama without ever lifting a finger

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Our toll-free is awesome. Add on Call Assure to make it more awesome.

We built our core toll-free network and redundancies so that you never require disaster recovery. But if you need that extra layer for your mission-critical toll-free traffic, Bandwidth has you covered–sunny, cloudy, or stormy day. Call Assure requires exactly 0 clicks to activate.

The only ‘just-in-case’ solution you’ll ever need

See how you can simplify, safeguard, and scale your toll-free with us.

Award-winning signature customer support is always on and always included.

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Hands-off toll-free disaster recovery for extraordinary disruptions

While 68% of customers prefer to phone in when they need help1, network outages can leave them hanging, and you in toll-free fire drills.

Call Assure dulls this drama. Unlike usual toll-free redundancies, it provides a safe and insulated alternate path around the core network in case of extraordinary disruptions.

1 Invoca’s 2022 Buyer Experience Benchmark Report

Call Assure shield

Don’t worry. We’ve got your number.

We do the difficult bit so that you can sit back and focus on your customers. And we do it the smart way–cloud and API-first.

  • Consolidate with confidence: With Bandwidth’s toll-free and Call Assure, feel safe consolidating carriers with us and save on your toll-free costs.
  • One place for everything toll-free: Toll-free voice, vast number inventory, branded numbers, RespOrg options, regulatory support–find out all about our toll-free offering.
  • Hands-free toll-free: We make it incredibly easy to manage your toll-free, and to order and provision toll-free numbers instantly with our portal/API.