Call Assure™

Safeguard your traffic against toll-free drama without ever lifting a finger.

Hands-off toll-free disaster recovery for extraordinary disruptions

We built our core toll-free network and redundancies so that you never require disaster recovery. But if you need that extra layer for your mission-critical toll-free traffic, Bandwidth has you covered–sunny, cloudy, or stormy day. Call Assure requires exactly 0 clicks to activate.

Get real toll-freedom from outages and disaster management

While 68% of customers prefer to phone in when they need help1, network outages can leave them hanging, and you in toll-free fire drills.

Call Assure dulls this drama. Unlike usual toll-free redundancies, it provides a safe and insulated alternate path around the core network in case of extraordinary disruptions.

1Invoca’s 2022 Buyer Experience Benchmark Report

Simplify everything toll-free

We do the difficult bit so that you can sit back and focus on your customers. Build 5-star CX with Bandwidth’s 5x carrier redundancy, hands-free toll-free management, and incredible human support.