Decoding Toll-Free Verification

You’ll Learn:
  • What exactly toll-free verification is and who needs to go through the process
  • Why this change is taking place
  • What will happen to toll-free messaging traffic that isn’t verified after September 30
  • The knowns and unknowns around the September 30 date
  • How Bandwidth is assisting businesses with the toll-free verification process

As business text messaging continues to grow in popularity, regulations are also shifting to fit the changing landscape. And these shifts are happening so quickly that many business leaders aren’t able to keep up. They’re wondering, “what do these changes mean for me?”

The latest A2P messaging change is the looming toll-free verification date of September 30th. This new requirement states that all toll-free messaging traffic must be “verified” by September 30th or you risk experiencing service interruptions. This requirement will align toll-free messaging with both short codes and 10DLC, so all A2P messaging brands and use cases across channels will be managed, documented, and verified in consistent manners.

Come join Bandwidth for part two of our Registration Roundup series: Decoding Toll-Free Verification. We will talk through some frequently asked questions about toll-free verification and discuss how to navigate this change so that it doesn’t impact your business.


Stephanie Lashley

Stephanie Lashley

Director, Messaging Product Operations Management

As an experienced leader, Stephanie is responsible for the operational, financial, and strategic management of Bandwidth’s messaging products.  Before joining Bandwidth, Stephanie managed Value Added Services including voice and messaging products at Sprint.  During her 15 year career at Sprint, she collaborated with CTIA to create messaging industry policy as well as working with Kansas City startup companies to create the Sprint Accelerator.

Emily Champion

Emily Champion

Product Manager, Bandwidth

Emily has been at Bandwidth for three and a half years, overseeing A2P messaging development and helping customers navigate toll-free and 10DLC regulation changes. As a product manager, she is currently leading the development for short code and toll free. Emily came to Bandwidth because of her love of working directly with customers to solve problems and the emphasis Bandwidth places on customer service. Now, she is able to apply that passion and serve as a customer advocate during conversations with the TCR and Toll-Free Messaging Aggregator.