Author: Anagha Ravi

What is 10DLC?

10DLC means 10 Digit Long Code. 10DLC numbers are the traditional long-code phone number used for both voice and messaging. 

10DLC numbers are meant for person-to-person (P2P) communication, or conversational SMS. As such they don’t perform well in high-volume application-to-person (A2P) use cases where businesses are sending high volumes of messages to customers and users. 

The newest addition to the messaging landscape, 10DLC, solves for this with a sanctioned A2P channel for long code in the U.S. As with Toll-free numbers, you can use MMS, SMS, and voice-enabled numbers.

Geographic availabilityUS
(CAN as P2P)
Voice CapableYes
SMS 2-WayYes
Multimedia CapableYes
Expected Time to Market1 Week

👉 Note:  Toll-free numbers are not 10DLC numbers. Regulations that apply to 10DLC numbers aren’t applicable for toll-free numbers.

👉 Note: 10DLC is not a sanctioned A2P channel in Canada, which means the throughput is low and there are no registration requirements… yet. We will keep you updated as that situation develops.

Who is 10DLC for?

10DLC messaging is great for national chains looking to do mobile marketing campaigns or send notifications from local brick and mortars, or an enterprise looking to SMS-enable their landline phone number for high-throughput, A2P messaging traffic.

Get started with 10DLC

Bandwidth’s Local 10DLC A2P Messaging product is built on 10-digit long codes. This industry-first offering includes messaging that is ready for both high-volume and high-delivery needs as well as hyper-localization. 

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