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Application-to-Person (A2P)

A2P Messaging, which stands for Application-to-Person messaging, refers to SMS or MMS messages sent from an application to a person. Unlike P2P (Person to Person) messaging, A2P Messaging allows businesses to automate text messaging and power functionality like appointment reminders, two-factor authentication, text message alerts, text based sales promotions, and more.

There are 3 types of A2P Messaging based on what kind of phone number the messages are sent from: Toll Free SMS, Local A2P, and Short Codes. Each type has different implications for cost, functionality, and deliverability.

How Bandwidth is Involved with A2P Messaging

Bandwidth believes that our customers deserve fast and reliable text messaging in order to reach their customers. With Bandwidth’s Messaging API, texting has never been easier to integrate and manage using simple on-demand, cloud-based API platforms. As the demand has shifted from “hosted VoIP phone service” running on our PCs to a new generation of “virtual phone numbers for applications”, CRM systems now find it easier to create add-on services for voice and texting, just like a traditional VoIP system does.

Bandwidth’s SMS Messaging API allows our customers to add powerful SMS, MMS, toll-free and group messaging functionalities to an app in just a few minutes. From there, businesses are able to optimize, track, and enhance communication with their customers through the nearly endless possibilities that come with SMS integration.

What Are the Benefits of Using Bandwidth for A2P Messaging?

Bandwidth offers an easy way for businesses to integrate texting by providing a developer platform that provides exactly these cloud services to CRM providers while giving them access to a direct-to-carrier pricing model just like the largest VoIP companies.

By working with Bandwidth’s Communication APIs and mobile SDKs, businesses have been able to track every customer interaction. This enables businesses to capture more data for both reporting and predictive analysis. As a result, businesses now have a platform that enables them to track every customer interaction to optimize their business flow.

Bandwidth’s Messaging API also provide a strong way to protect user privacy-and retention rates. In an effort for businesses to allow customers to interact without sacrificing their privacy, Bandwidth can provide automatically generated private phone numbers. As a result, businesses can then provide personal phone numbers to their users, allowing them to engage while knowing their personal information is safe.

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