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Group Messaging

Author: Anagha Ravi

Group Messaging is characterized by an SMS conversation among 3 or more recipients at the same time. This is a many-to-many exchange of messages. Group messaging is typically sent as MMS messages. Bandwidth offers a ready-to-use API for Group Messaging besides the ability to send group messages over its MM4 platform.

How Bandwidth is Involved with Group Messaging

Bandwidth offers a Group Messaging API (built on Bandwidth’s own nationwide network) that is ready to help turn your product or feature into reality — no additional plug-ins necessary.

What Are the Benefits of Bandwidth’s Group Messaging

Bandwidth understands the importance of providing an experience that your end users can enjoy and rely on. That’s why Bandwidth’s Group Messaging API can handle group messaging the way your users want to experience it — in one, seamless thread.

Bandwidth provides the most complete and comprehensive SMS solution available in the API market today. With features like two-way MMS, advanced phone number management, and full geographic redundancy are just a few of the many capabilities that Bandwidth’s Group Messaging services has to offer.

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