Author: Anagha Ravi

MM4 is the interface used by Bandwidth to exchange messages between two MMSCs for MMS messaging traffic.

How Bandwidth is involved with MM4

Bandwidth offers an SMS Messaging Gateway service that allows you to text-enable your phone numbers and maintain total control over your own SMPP (SMS) and MM4 (MMS) servers. By enabling MM4 protocol, an MMS can be successfully delivered even when the recipient has an MMSC that is different from the senders.

What are the benefits of Bandwidth’s MM4 services

The MM4 feature offered in Bandwidth’s messaging services is just one capability included in Bandwidth’s business-grade messaging platform. With offerings like SMS, MMS, and Toll-free texting, Bandwidth covers a wide range of messaging integrations so businesses can meet the needs of their customers. Since Bandwidth owns and operates the network, our customers enjoy a fast, reliable messaging API to give their end users a quality messaging experience.

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