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Bulk SMS

Bulk SMS refers to sending a SMS/MMS message to multiple end users at the same time. Bulk SMS is typically a ‘broadcast’ or “one-to-many” type of message and differs from a Group Message, which is considered as “many-to-many”.

How Bandwidth is Involved with Bulk SMS

Bulk SMS with Bandwidth’s Messaging API allows our customers to initiate large-scale outreach to their end users from a single source. This power allows important messages to be sent seamlessly and quickly from you to your group, connecting you to what matters most.

What Are the Benefits of Bandwidth’s Bulk SMS

Since Bandwidth owns and operates the network, we can provide our customers services like Bulk SMS with additional benefits built in. The first benefit of using Bandwidth’s Messaging API for Bulk SMS is the cost savings. Owning the network makes transactions simple, it’s just you and Bandwidth, and your great idea. No middleman. The second benefit is that we want to support your business whether you have a small start-up or an enterprise giant. From reaching out to 20 customers to over 500, we are built to scale, so your business can grow. The most important part of using Bandwidth to fulfull your messaging needs is that you gain access to our world-class team. We are here to support you, answer your questions, and solve problems so you can focus on your buisness. We’ve mastered the art of messaging, so you can master what’s important to you.

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