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Short Codes

Short Codes

Leverage the power of easy-to-remember short codes to send SMS and build brand awareness.

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Give users an easier texting experience

Short codes make it easier for your users to talk to you. Whether you want a vanity short code (“KAYAK”) or just a simple 5-digit number that’s easier to read at a glance (did someone say “billboards”?), SMS short codes can provide a messaging avenue for your campaign that sticks.

Easy to remember

Starting with American Idol in 2003, short codes have been a staple of business-to-consumer messaging for almost two decades. A short code text message is instantly identified by consumers as business-originated and often contains critical or highly relevant information, so it won’t get overlooked

Simple to interact with

You already know your customers want to communicate with your business over text, whether that’s receiving a one-time pin for two-factor authentication, getting text notifications and alerts, or working through a customer service issue. Most of this can be handled through automation and doesn’t require voice-enabled numbers, making short codes an ideal choice.

We make complicated provisioning easy

Provisioning short codes can be very difficult and time consuming to manage. With Bandwidth, our support team goes above and beyond to help the process go as smoothly as possible.

Our Short Code APIs are built for the enterprise and are supported by our carrier network, enabling you to add short code messaging to your application or software with just a few lines of code. What could be easier?

Our experts help you with

  • Determining the kind of short code right for your use case
  • Navigating a relationship with the Common Short Code Administration
  • Advising during the campaign approval process
  • Filing the proper paperwork with cell carriers

Best in class pricing on short codes

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Cut out unnecessary costs and get best-in-class pricing for your short codes.

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Bandwidth*Typical CompetitorSavings
Setup FeeFREE
(Limited time)
Random Number$1,500/quarter
(Limited time)
Vanity Number$3,000/quarter
(Limited time)
Outbound SMS (per message)$0.006$0.007520%
Inbound SMS (per message)$0.0025$0.007567%

*Special pricing applies to the first year of service only. Unless otherwise stated, taxes are included. Pricing is subject to change. Terms and conditions apply.

Network operators and CPaaS providers

The Bandwidth Difference

At Bandwidth, we’re committed to creating a different kind of communications company. People have called us lots of things—“the most modern carrier,” “the most powerful CPaaS,” “the most scalable API provider.” The truth is, we do things differently; we’ve made reinventing telecom our mission, combining the power of a network operator with the flexibility of an API platform.

Ready to get started?

Our talented campaign support team is with you every step of the way, from helping advise on the best way to design a campaign, to being your advocate during the campaign approval.

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