Toll-Free voice for RespOrgs

Bandwidth is one of the largest Responsible Organizations (RespOrg) in the U.S., so we understand the daily burden of managing a toll-free solution. Help your organization increase network diversity and lower overall costs with one relationship.

Let us be your RespOrg

Telecom management is a beast. Instead of managing it yourself, why don’t you let us take care of it? We’ll take over your toll-free management responsibilities while you enjoy access to all the awesome benefits that come with using Bandwidth as your RespOrg. However, we know sometimes it makes sense for you to maintain that direct relationship with Somos. If that’s your situation, let’s talk rate decks…

Lean on us for your toll-free heavy-lifting

Increase your network redundancy

We’ve spent years building relationships with all the major carriers. Based on who you’re currently using to support your toll-free traffic, we can potentially provide you with access to additional carriers that you can use to build out an even more diverse and resilient multi-carrier network.

Wave goodbye to juggling carrier relationships

Hate dealing with carriers, but want to keep your direct relationship with Somos, order numbers straight from the source, and maintain that routing template control? Many customers find it’s easier to have a single relationship with Bandwidth for all carriers, even while keeping their RespOrg status.

Lower costs

You want the best, most efficient routes for your calls. We want to give them to you. That’s why we’ve dedicated internal resources to constantly re-evaluate the most efficient call routes for toll-free traffic. Our goal is to find high quality, redundant routes for your calls, and provide you with rate decks that utilize our network and relationships.

Rise above ALL toll-free drama

The combination of Bandwidth RespOrg and Bandwidth Toll-Free Services brings you:

  • Bandwidth’s seamless RespOrg benefits
  • Our fully-managed built-in 5x carrier redundancy
  • The option to add on Call Assure™, a first-of-its-kind hands-off toll-free disaster recovery solution to get your customer calls through. Every. Time. It’s over and above our signature 5x carrier redundancy.