Leveraging modern communications for patient engagement

You’ll Learn:
  • Opportunities for healthcare communications
  • Optimizing patient outcomes
  • Increasing expectations from patients

With digital transformation accelerating and consumer expectations rising, the healthcare industry reached an inflection point where digital-first and contactless options were no longer nice-to-haves but need-to-haves for patient engagement.

And, while the industry’s digital journey was thrown into high gear by the pandemic, the flexibility of software-centric telecom solutions has transformed patient expectations forever. Join us as we talk through how better patient engagement leads to better patient experiences.


Brad Roldan headshot

Brad Roldan

VP Product Strategy, Bandwidth

As an experienced product leader, Brad Roldan leads initiatives designed to meet the needs of software-oriented, modern digital engagement platforms seeking to embed communications within innovative applications. Brad utilizes feedback from leading companies in FinTech, Health, and Customer Engagement seeking CPaaS solutions, to help them enable high engagement rates with their customer’s mobile subscribers through SMS, Voice, and Video solutions.