Bandwidth Buzz:

Understanding Know Your Customer Requirements

“Bandwidth Buzz” events are short-form webinars that will dive into key topics in an interview-style session in less than 20 minutes.
You’ll Learn:
  • The regulatory landscape (of KYC and LAR)
  • Industry Standards
  • Common Restrictions
  • Resources

We get it – scaling your business globally can be intimidating as you consider Know Your Customer (KYC) regulations and Local Address Requirements (LAR). There seem to be different regulations in every country, with various requirements no matter where you hope to scale. What if we told you that it’s easier than you think?

Watch our mini-series session to hear Bandwidth’s experts Mehmet Hussein, Director of Solutions Engineering, and Eric Hewell, Solutions Marketer, demystify KYC and LAR regulations in under 20 minutes.


Eric Hewell

Product Marketing Manager, Bandwidth

At Bandwidth, Eric drives go-to-market strategy with the mission to help UCaaS/CCaaS providers, resellers, and partners build exceptional communications to deliver the best customer and employee experiences possible. As someone who is embedded within Bandwidth’s global product & revenue teams, he has helped launch numerous products to help businesses of all shapes and sizes future-proof, scale, and modernize their comms stacks.

Erika Peshikj

Product Compliance Manager—KYC Team, Bandwidth

Erika, Bandwidth’s Product Compliance Team Lead, joined Bandwidth’s (formerly Voxbone) journey as a freelance Market Research Analyst in 2016, seamlessly transitioning to a Product and Compliance Analyst in 2020. By 2022, she emerged as a KYC Team Lead, playing a pivotal role in effectively bridging the gap between our voice services, in-country regulatory requirements, and customer communication. With an MBA under her belt, Erika excels in navigating the intricate landscape of regulatory compliance and fostering strong customer relations.

Mehmet Hussein

Director of Solutions Engineering, Bandwidth

After doing the rounds in the UK telecoms circuit, Mehmet joined Bandwidth in 2019 as a Senior Solutions Architect. Since then he started and currently runs the international Solutions Engineering team, responsible for all pre-sales technical support while providing strategic guidance for Bandwidth’s top tier clients.