The race to improve patient experience: 4 ways SMS can keep you ahead of the curve

You’ll Learn:
  • The state of healthcare communications
  • The importance of meeting patient expectations and improving physician workflows
  • Providing digital communication options for a more consumer-like experience
Healthcare is on the cusp of true innovation with SMS impacting nearly every type of patient interaction.

This panel-style experience will help you understand the messaging ecosystem and identify important considerations you may have overlooked, like new carrier fees and more stringent filtering.

A simple technology with big impact

Text messaging can be a quadruple threat—improve patient experience, lower healthcare costs, drive better patient outcomes AND empower clinician engagement.

In this video, Bandwidth discusses innovative ways to improve your patient experience through SMS and the regulations and guidelines that shape the messaging industry.

We’ll walk through a real healthcare customer’s SMS messaging journey from basic implementation to supporting the unexpected scale that happened with COVID-19. Read the full story here.