How Contact Centers are Taking Command of AI, Authentication, & CX

You’ll Learn:
  • Top use cases for contact centers planning to adopt AI/ML technologies
  • Strategies to proactively fight fraud and protect your customers
  • How leading enterprises are consolidating communications despite new platforms and alternatives

Bandwidth’s research shows that 85% of IT leaders feel concerned about their contact center security, and 92% of IT leaders plan on adopting Artificial Intelligence technologies in 2024. The problem? Contact center communications security and AI adoption are extremely complex and your options are endless, leaving you to figure it all out on your own.

Whether you’re cloud mature or still mapping your migration path to a protected, productive contact center, 2024 is your year to take command of your customer and agent experiences. Learn how other IT leaders are taking command of their contact center communications.


Zach Kunkel

Director, Product Marketing, Bandwidth

Zach lives and breathes Bandwidth’s go-to-market strategy by leading a team of product marketing experts whose mission is to help Enterprise leaders build exceptional communications to deliver the best customer & employee experiences possible. As someone who is embedded within Bandwidth’s global product & revenue teams, he has helped launch numerous products to help businesses of all shapes and sizes future proof, scale, and modernize their comms stack.

Bill Gentry

Network Solutions Architect ll, Sr. Director, Bandwidth

Bill is the technical leader for the Enterprise Offers within the Bandwidth product team. He focuses on delivering new, software-driven IP communications solutions that transform the customer experience and challenge how enterprises think about communications today. Bill is a 30 year veteran of the telecom industry and has worked in development, technology, product management, and solution architecture for a variety of communications companies before joining Bandwidth in 2018.